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How does the man regard woman's sex appeal

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The charm is one attraction, it has covered the appearance, the physique, the behavior way, the style personal status, the male and feminine charm will have the same manifestation in certain aspects, for example mild-mannered and cultivated makings, open-minded tolerant bearing. These general character become the male and the female can each other understanding foundation. The attraction from to neterogeny yearning, from cannot anticipate to unexpectedly the beside situation that this is between the men and women has the difference characteristic charm, the sex appeal. The sex appeal retained men's and women's difference in masculine and in the feminine some common charm form's foundation, its influential role lay in has shown masculine and feminine alone, the unreplaceable sex characteristic, became one kind of sex marking, became the male and female each other attraction the fountainhead.

How does the man regard feminine sex appeal

Viewpoint one: The sex appeal is the sex prelude

A woman has the beautiful appearance, the graceful stature, either gentle or the fond of the countryside makings, this can bring the enough sex appeal to the man the impact. This kind of impact in environment, atmosphere, mood just good time can arouse man's desire. It displays is the fantasy which one kind holds. Under the adrenalin function, the man will indulge repeatedly in feminine sex appeal, and will display the enormous attention and the appreciation to it, will send out lets the female cater to own suggestion. The female demonstrates her sex appeal in front of the male, no matter is intends or has no intention, is breaks the boundary to the man some kind to encourage. Woman's sex appeal is the news which sends out to the man, it lets the man fall into the fantasy and in the physiological impulsion's suffering.
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Viewpoint two: The sex appeal is the gender marking

The male and the female exist the essential difference displays through woman's sex appeal, its not only performance is an appearance, it has a richer content. For example displays “the masculine and feminine elements wisdom” to the same thing's different view. The sex appeal can let a man know the female completely, in understood that in each other's common ground's foundation, can realize feminine excellence profoundly. These outstanding places cause a woman become complete, are rich, are three-dimensional, also lets the male from the observation, the understanding female, then has in the discovery process to realize both sexes contact the pleasure. In the understanding, in the discovery process, will contrast through the appearance will also bring in physiological the impulsion. But this kind of impulsion is the desire which is intimate with after the appreciation one kind of intention.
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Viewpoint three: The sex appeal does not have the habit

The sex appeal is also one kind of social unrest, in the different stage, the man will display the centralism to some kind of woman the interest, similarly, regarding the identical woman, in the different time, the man will also adopt to her sex appeal differently deals with the way. “the far view” and “profanes the boundary which plays” between does not exist cannot be surmounted. That is in the male person eye, woman's sex appeal is changeable, it decided at that time immediately her condition and society's unrest. The male appreciates the feminine sex appeal at the same time, the female himself is also catering to the masculine appreciation taste along with the social unrest transformation, in the appreciation with caters to the circulation interaction, the sex appeal displays its multiplicity and the uncertainty. Therefore, takes the male, very difficult saying that can have some consistent manner and the procedure regarding some kind of sex appeal's attraction. It possibly is only fantasizes and admires greatly, also possibly brings the thorough physiological needs.
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