Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The investigation showed that walks with the mobile phone, easy to cause the shoulder neck to be injured

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DTV Antenna Experts

Recently, the British Spinal column Corrective therapy Association experts said that when walking uses the mobile phone, PSP and MP4, easy to damage the spinal column, the shoulder neck, the palm and the vision. The investigation showed that Britain altogether has 8,000,000 people to be familiar with is walking on the way or the browsing homepage and the electricity classical philosophical works, either hits the game, either transmitter data.

Regarding this. The expert pointed out that when walking with the mobile phone, will often make an effort to lower the head looks at the screen, for user's neck, the shoulder neck and the spinal column will create the huge pressure, is reduced the pate blood stream quantity, the blood stream will be impeded, will thus initiate the shoulder and the spinal column is stiff, ache, will have the inflammation.

In addition, uses the mobile phone, the computer on the automobile and so on, is disadvantageous to the eye. Looks at the screen under not the steady condition, the change causes the eye to do is astringent and is weary, thus influence vision. What needs to remind, these digital product's pressed key is quite small, when taking a walk presses the ratio to sit takes the trouble. Often when walking sends the short note or hits game's person, the palm and the knuckle is easier to wear, even becomes stiff inflamed, but the utilization ratio highest thumb possibly because of the tendon ischemia initiation inflammation. , walks because possible not to have heard the automobile loudspeaker with the mobile phone or not to be able to see clearly the stair, causes the accident to occur.

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