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Six kind of table manners expose man's sexual affection custom

mans sexual affection custom

On dinner table performance and bed style, so-called one “nature” two “surface”, has the very complicated relation. Thinks that uses the convenience food to send the belly frequently the fellow, you will also count on that he can light the red candle on own initiative in the bedroom for you?

You believe? Between humanity's appetite and the sexual desire has one kind of secret connection. Eats the thing from a person the custom, may extrapolate him in the natural activity performance. Regarding this, France's psychological therapist Michelle Gillan believes in firmly at least. He pointed out: The natural activity and eats the thing between the way, has the subtle similarity - - perhaps ordinary, perhaps the flavor is rich, may display extemporaneously, may also prepare carefully ......This is because, we eat in the babies and infants time the pleasant sensation, with the grown-up later pleasant sensation, will be stems from the instinct strength compared to many satisfying. In order to help us to understand that baby's natural pleasant sensation, Floyd reminds: Had a look to eat to the full the milk child, first one crooked, was snuggling up to mother's warm breast, heavy rested, the small cheek was ruddy, nearby the mouth was also having the happy satisfied smile. This how similar human sexual desire obtains satisfies when the expression!

In the life evidence is also obvious: If we like somebody, in produces before his tangled up impulsion, we like with him together eating meal, drinking, chat. In addition, in the diet barrier's course of treatment, doctors also frequently sees the barrier case: Apositia's patient often is also afraid the sex life; Polyphagia's patient actually likes through not stopping eats the thing to fill the void and the nature is dissatisfied. So looks like, how to eat how “to do”, these words have a truth. What is more encouraging, originally we may also borrow are transforming opposite party food habit, changes his sexual affection taste quietly!


Careful preparation

How to eat If the approximately good weekend exits to eat together the food, cannot do well him to search that hotel on Thursday in the network the related information. Similarly, even if is slightly gathers in the home and several friends, the research menu will also make him to be happy. In these long preparation process, he may the full time look forward to for himself that these let him enjoy very much. On dinner table, if you saw the paper napkin which makes one be unable to put down the small mouth small dish which and is attractive lets you not endure to use, did not need saying that certainly was also he prepares carefully.

How to do Very obvious, he does not like the accident. Is also same in the natural aspect, he needs, for the best effect goes to “the preparation” own feeling. Is different with the majority of men, he is not that kind cannot bear the detention satisfied bad child, before starting the waiting itself to let him be very excited. Meets such companion, you profoundly will understand “the short separation will win newly married” significance.

How to deal? If which day you do want approximately he to spend together the good night, the best noon telephones to tell him: “hi, I fondly remember your body's flavor very much, evening ......” gives him the full time “preheating”, to your both sides is the good matter. Remembered that he likes “having the preparation”, therefore rather lets him wait, also does not want to start hurriedly. Skin clean certainly important, bodily and hair's flavor cannot neglect. Moreover, before entering the bedroom, he when the bathroom will possibly treat the mirror to appreciate oneself screen lives in the breath the perfect abdomen curve. Regarding this point, if you have known by chance, should better pretend not to know.

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Careless conduct

How to eat His recipes deficient creativity, always cannot distinguish clearly really the vegetables. As soon as even if links one week only to eat the instant noodles or the sausage bread also does not have the question. Basically regarding him, the only reason which eats meal is for “is not hungry”. Therefore, no matter what food is, since must pour into finally the belly to digest together, where also has that many requests?

How to do Lives together with such man has two advantage: First, does not need to worry oneself do the meal meets nobody to cheer; second, goes to bed with this kind of fellow, the ten to one is one kind of primitive posture, is quite convenient. Moreover he will be quite amiable on the bed, so long as will not be the difficulty coefficient is too high, how will almost be you to request him how to do. To him, the result is in any case same.

How to deal? Like this if must educate the fellow who does not straighten out to enjoy the sexual affection, but must from teach him to enjoy each kind of feeling to obtain. Must know, no matter to food, “does not matter” to the nature, very has the possibility is only a false appearance. He does not care about, very has the possibility is “does not dare to care about”, was afraid itself to care about could also not obtain. Therefore, if had designated he takes his spouse, do not ridicule that he to his careless, might as well from accompanies him to taste the good food to start together, even if is only a small dessert, puts a little thoughts and he eats slowly together.

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Chews carefully

How to eat He specially is nitpicking to food taste and the feeling in the mouth. No matter is the fresh vegetables or the delicacies from the sea, so long as the cooking results in not well, only does not manage how many, all puts in disfavor, could not put own taste bud. If unfortunate enters a bad dining room, the result can only be on hungry one afternoon. As for looks like half glass of liquor to drink the hour matter, extremely is simply sloppy to him is ordinary. Because - -, since works is for furiously the good life, then eats meal this life major event, also how could careless?

How to do He is a pursue acme feeling animal. Eats meal is, makes love is. He despises these to complete the task-like to make love the behavior, and believed that the bilateral feeling is weighs a sexual affection quality height finally the sole criterion. Therefore, he cares about his skill and the point of view very much, also not at all parsimonious gently with the caress, actually will be disinclined an elephant 20 over baby boy such to show off own superhuman physical strength.

How to deal? Perhaps such man sometimes will let you think a little the narcissism, specially at a sexual intercourse from now on, his face super will ask you sincerely “what kind of” the time. However, his performance indeed also needs to continue to enhance, also do not direct him in this during next time the direction diligently. Must communicate this aspect the matter, should better don't on the bed. Otherwise, the innermost feelings serious frustrate the feeling, perhaps will cause him also not to be able to mention again to your interest. Attention, what here said is “the interest”, including eats meal, chats.

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Selects food inexplicably

How to eat Looks like a biased child, this kind of man firm will not accept to some kind of common food (thought that he will eat will have had diarrhea), or insisted that certain foods must defer to him to think “right” the way cooking (for instance beef could not boil together with potato). Because he selects food already well known, the person often regarding this becomes accustomed to, even dines together, can propose on own initiative: “oh, the eggplant does not want, he does not eat ......”

How to do He does not accept to some kind of food, has certainly in the sex life manifests. His sexual intercourse, likely has the product instruction booklet to have the principle equally. Regarding some kind of body posture's attempt, the invitation which or the high noon makes love, he can decline by various reasons. Sometimes unavoidably will let the human feel that a little will sweep “the nature”.

How to deal? Regarding this kind of muscle's gruff donkey, if affects your happiness specially, the best means do not manage him, little uses one kind of body posture, little to make a pattern in any case not to be able the deceased person. Even if must transform, also do not meet the tough head-on with toughness anxiously with him, requests excessively and excessively entices, to him is one kind of insult. When your relational further stable, seeps your losing slowly again, possibly is good means.

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Like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds

How to eat He is very probably always hungry, looks like the Ethiopian refugee, each time dines when is like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds general, eats at present all things greedily, but also has eaten frequently until cannot support really. At home fortunately, you may induce skilled which prepares food for oneself; But if exits to dine together, is mad frequently you - -, when you also when the fine goods own whet the appetite the soup, his that already sees the bottom, but also has been staring at the service person discontentedly low voice whisper: How to serve food such slowly?

How to do Such the worry achieves the final outcome the fellow, in the sex life aspect, estimated that will not be sympathizes the gentle good gentleman. The ten to one situation, he will ride all of a sudden on the spouse body, but when cannot the patience opposite party prepare for to be slowly hot, will let you wish one could a foot to trample down him from the bed.

How to deal? Too do not complain him, he is only a little worries a little to fear that the sur- confidence is insufficient. Likely will be afraid soup to drink slowly will have fallen coldly is the same, he also worried that he could not support the too much time, worried to lose face. Is having the pleasure which he and you enjoys together gets down slowly. You may request him gently, spreads the tablecloth with you, to place the tableware, to ladle out soup together installs the food ......Enjoys the relaxation in the process the taste. Similarly, you may also agree with him, after the dinner, switches off the television, from said the talk between lovers starts, recalls when your first love these timid past events, then moves toward the bedroom gradually again.

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Curious baby

How to eat On his dinner table, forever does not have so-called “the retention program” or “the third child type”. Even if has gone to 800 old dining room, before ordering food, must to the service person ask that recently had any new cuisine. In his opinion, in the life does not have when there is no place does not fill the new possibility, if misses in vain, how could it not be too to be a pity? In eats at least thing this matter, attempts one time is one time, who knew that the next vegetable can be specially splendid?

How to do Did not need saying that thought everybody could guess correctly such curious baby in the bedroom - -, was not right, who believed that he his will limit in the bedroom, perhaps in airplane's bathroom - - could be what kind of bright style. Although displays your imagination, here not one by one enumerated.

How to deal? If you accept really to his all sorts of strange and unusual attempt, might as well directly tells him. It is not each people may while which makes love exercise the yoga 108 types. Do not fear that he cannot bear the attack. Such curious baby, receives the attack should a spot not be also few. Looks like his tomato to add the curry, he is only to attempt. When belly really hungry time, will choose traditional the egg-fried rice. Moreover, ordinary day, you may also train him slowly to 1-2 kind of food loyalty.

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