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The man cherishes the plentiful girl eight reasons

the man cherishes the plentiful girl

Now world, people generally take “big breast”, “abundant breast” as beautiful, this no wonder numerous women the bee wells up, but swells it. Except reason which artificial enlarges, only looked from the natural evolution aspect, feminine breast slowly is also increasing, will fear in the future more will change bigger. About the reason, tries from two angle analyses to be as follows:

The stature good woman may attract the outstanding man

1st, the male when chooses the spouse, favors has the good molecular genetic female in these. But the feminine gene's fit and unfit quality do not write on the face, this decided that the human eye is unable to make the accurate judgment directly to the feminine gene quality. Under this situation, a feminine pair highlights in vitro free breast becomes very important, to the male forever is the fatal enticement.

2nd, has the advantageous bodily structure female, has the advantage in the survival with in race's multiplication, they can attract more outstanding male, gives more outstanding descendants them gene heredity. Looking from the long-term angle, the choice out of control creates Matthew Effect: Breast more big, more can obtain ascending the sky caring for; More ascends the sky caring for, more can develop generally the breast big tradition.

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The abundant breast fat buttocks are very sexy in the male person eye

Modernism old master Cezanne after drawing the excessively innumerable human bodies, discovers a rule: The human body looks resembles ever changing, is only in the final analysis by three kind of basic morphoses: Cone, barrel and spheroid. Regarding man body, cone and barrel many somewhat; Regarding woman body, spheroid and barrel many somewhat. The man and woman's difference, is the cone and the spheroid difference.

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Deeply loves the feminine breast's reason

1st, before inventing the powdered milk, the breast produces the breast milk is the nurture next generation main nutriment; After inventing the powdered milk, the breast still as always supplied the breast milk. This kind bears the burden of responsibility the selfless contributions spirit, lets the person love.

2nd, extremely high ornamental value. It is a female body US's flag, it lets the flat bodily fluctuation have sends. As soon as sees it, the men feeling life is happy, bursting with energy, the bored day had the direction.

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3rd, one of woman's joyful fountainheads. As feminine other aspect desire flag, it is the main inferior pleasant sensation belt, the woman may through win by own draw the way which traces with other people, realizes the graceful joyful feeling.

4th, bed happy good toy. The greatly strengthened visual impulse, makes the male excited exceptionally; Makes love when in the male is also the extremely good gripping device, does not send two not to decline.

5th, article world work good source material. The painter gives a pretext breast's ever changing, makes the innumerable drawing high-quality goods for the people; The writer of fiction uses it to fan the flames; The movie worker uses it and the audience and the referendary plays hide-and-seek; ......In brief, will not have the breast, art to be inconceivable.

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6th, huge economic value. It needs the attractive various idioplasms place the bra and the ornament; It needs the medicine or the surgery makes stands tall and erect the tall and straight esthetic sense; It needs to cover up, is more exposed stimulates the desire which the people move. Certainly all results are take out money the purchase and the expense. , It has made the great contribution carelessly for the active economy.

7th, sex designated object. It lets deaf the blind person merely through body's touching, may make the correct judgment easily to opposite party sex. (SHEMALE exception).

8th, good pillow. It lets in the bosom each age stage man, when sleeps time had two roundly, soft, the warm good pillow.

That position asks me: Deeply loves to need the reason? I reply him: I did not know. Therefore I said that these are give a pretext.

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