Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mother gestation period inspiration air pollution can affect the child intelligence quotient


An American new research demonstrated that mother being pregnant period inspiration air pollution with in the future child childhood time intelligence quotient test score height related, this further proved that the pollution serious air possibly harms the cerebrum growth.

According to the Associated Press reported that American Colombia child environmental sanitation center Director Fred · Pereira and the researchers have carried on the investigation to 249 children, these child's mother before the child is born lives in New York Manhattan's north and the Bronks north-west area, they occupy local the air to be polluted varying degree, is mainly the automobile exhaust pollution.

When 5 years old, these children have accepted the intelligence quotient test. The researchers discovered that in the gestational inspiration is polluted the most serious air the mother lives child's the score low 4 points which to 5 points compared to the inspiration pollution child's compares the mother who light air lives in intelligence quotient test score. Pereira said that this disparity will affect the child sufficiently in the future in the school performance.

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The researchers said that 56% receive investigates the child to grow the time in the embryo to be in the high pollution of the environment, the researchers is investigating them the mother, in gestation period whether to live in the crowded block or the bus stop and so on nearby the air pollution heavy places.

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Pereira said that the researchers have also considered influence intelligence quotient test score and so on living conditions passive smoking, family learning environment factors, but still discovered that the mother gestation period contact stain the situation and child's intelligence quotient height has the very big connection.

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This findings publish in 8 monthly publication US "Science" in the magazine. In research before this, Pereira thought that the gestational contact the air pollution may cause newborn's head to be small, the body weight to be light, or appears may increase the gene variation the risk.

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