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When your bald person

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According to Britain " Daily Telegraph " the website on June 24 reported that the German scientists developed one kind of computer program recently, when can it calculate a person to be able accurately to send as well as the bald person bare.

This research well-known protects by Germany sends the product producer to carry on. According to this company researches and develops the department people in charge to introduce, they develop this kind of computer program main collection by surveyor's age, the marital status, the occupation, the inhabited area, the pressure condition, is sent the border line present position as well as the family loses hair data and so on history. And when can survey a person's hair from this will change bare, or whether arrived old was still sends thickly.

At present has 50% German male to receive the puzzle which the heredity loses hair, is in seeks a mate the time and the social life peak young people pays attention loses hair the question. They pay attention to their appearance, cared whether to be admitted by the periphery public relations circle. “the baldheaded calculator” comes out within for ten days, had more than 50 ten thousand German men to participate in the test, the global conner has surpassed 3,000,000. In them 60% people are the age in 15-30 between young people.

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The bald person mainly comes under the hereditary factors influence, has the paternal line or matriarchal loses hair the family history the masculine baldheaded probability to be highest. But, for a long time the high mood pressure, the ill health diet as well as will wear goods and so on earphone, safety helmet, motorcycle hard helmet also to cause to lose hair.

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The researchers also declared that the caffeine may promote the hair to grow, prevents to lose hair.

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