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5 “murderer” affects baby's intelligence

5 'murderer' affects baby intelligence

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The parents hoped that own baby intelligence is excellent, does not hesitate the large sum of money to carry on “the intellectual investment”, these actions are originally undisputable, it is a pity they have neglected in the life the intelligence of all forms “the murderer”. You knew that what these murderers are?

“murderer” one: Harmful element

The harmful metallic element is hides in the life the intelligence “murderer” one, especially take lead, aluminum harm as big.

The research confirmed that so long as baby in vivo achieves every 10 milliliters blood plasmas including the lead 5--15 milligrams levels, then creates the growth retardation and the intelligence decrease. Then, how does the lead is lead baby in vivo? The expert enumerates the following way: The baby licks the food to contain the lead pigments toy; With polyethylene plastic bag packing infant foods; Often eats the puffed rice, the can of food or the drink to the baby. The baby plays frequently nearby the road the inspiration automobile exhaust; The parents are working as baby's surface smoking; Indoor coal gas not good and so on. In the damage intelligence aspect, the aluminum and the lead actually “the jackals from the same lair”, drink potassium alum processing the running water, the edible aluminum system cooking utensils fever boils the meal, often eats the aluminiferous raising agent food and so on easy to suffer the aluminum the violation.

Countermeasure: Cuts off the above harmful element the invasion channel, eats the fresh fruit, the vegetables or rich calcareous, hard and Vitamin C food, reduces the lead, in the aluminum absorption or the promotion intrusive mass harmful metal discharges promptly.

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“murderer” two: Carbon monoxide

The carbon monoxide is one kind of noxious gas, when it achieves 35% when the air density, cerebrum cell's metabolism receives directly suppresses, hinders the cerebrum growth, causes the intelligence quotient to be low. What is worse is we must do frequently with it; If uses generally pipeline coal gas, when combustion produces the carbon monoxide; The straight platoon type fuel gas water heater, arranges directly the waste gas at the indoor; The indoor unburned coal stove warms up or prepares food, the carbon monoxide may also achieve the harmful density; The domestic gas cookware, the pipe-line equipment damage has not been able to repair promptly, causes carbon monoxide divulging and so on.

Countermeasure: The reduction has the carbon monoxide origin as far as possible, the indoor regular windowing air change, avoids the indoor carbon monoxide achieving the harmful density.


“murderer” three: Teases the baby randomly

The parents or the relatives and friends to make love to the baby tease it to play, originally is in the reason, beyond reproach. But some people tease the law to be crude, was worth discussing. If teases the baby to laugh, even occurs instantaneous suffocates, damages the cerebrum. Moreover throws the baby high, because the baby forehead is heavy, the pate muscle is weak, throws after high, easy to cause the baby forehead vibration.

Countermeasure: Has a good head for the baby, declines all not civilized to tease plays the way.

“murderer” four: Obese

Not only obese easy to fall ill, moreover strangles the intelligence. Surpasses normal body weight 20% obese to compare with the same age normal child, its intelligence quotient is disparate with the latter phase difference, the former regards, listens to the feeling with to accept the knowledge ability to be at the low horizontal position.

Countermeasure: Adjusts baby's diet structure, reduces the fat quantity, pays great attention the sleep, makes the movement, the lose weight.

“murderer” five: The diet does not work as

Some guardians request the baby and adult “eat together”, has neglected baby's particularity, may also “implicate” the intelligence growth. For example the monosodium glutamate, to the adult is safe, but is harmful to the child. Because the monosodium glutamate principal constituent glutanic acid sodium combines to form easily with the zinc the glutanic acid sodium zinc which is not easy to dissolve, causes the baby to lack the zinc to affect the brain growth. Moreover the vegetarian diet, is very advantageous to the adult, may prevent hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease and so on. But the child brain growth cannot leave the fat, specially some special lipin (for example 22 carbon 6 olefine acids and so on, also said that brain gold) in meat and so on meats is only richest, will therefore be a vegetarian to the baby will lower its mental level.

Countermeasure: As far as possible little eats the monosodium glutamate and the sweets, the recipes structure makes every effort to be balanced, the meat and vegetarian dishes must match, fish, birds and beasts and so on healthy brain food proper arrangements.

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