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10 worst position harm health

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In the life which places dirtiest, are most disadvantageous to the health? The US "Prevention" the magazine recently wrote for the reader to summarize as follows:

1. puts toothbrush's worst place: The bathroom washes the hands nearby the pond. Washes the hands nearby the pond generally flush toilet. University of Arizona environment microorganism professor pointed out that on the flush toilet each square centimeter has 496,000 bacteria, when flushes the chamberpot, these bacteria may rush 30 centimeters distant places, pollutes your toothbrush. Therefore, should better place the toothbrush the bathroom belt gate in the cabinet.

2. goes to sleep worst place: On bed under multi-layered blanket. Too hot will let you go to sleep with difficulty. The researchers discovered that at night the normal temperature drop can let your body feel sleepiness, therefore, on the body may little cover a spot, radiates through the hands and feet help body, can go to sleep comfortably. The best procedure is: Before resting, is putting on the sock, maintains lets the vasodilatation warm, rests when takes off the sock, places outside the blanket the foot to go to sleep.
3. cooling food worst place: Refrigerator. Admits the refrigerator big trough steaming hot food to be able directly to cause to cool non-uniform, will create the food poisoning, because this trough food's quantity of heat will let in refrigerator's temperature increment, will cause the bacterium to multiply. After food does, should better cool for 1 hour on the table, or divides into it the small share to admit again the refrigerator, like this will cool a bit faster.

4. on airplane's worst seat: Behind engine room. If your easy airsickness, to avoid surely sitting behind the airplane engine room. The entire engine room looks like a seesaw to be the same, is farther to middle, jolts fiercely. Moreover, airplane's behind general ratio former minister, therefore behind the engine room is the place which most jolts. Must not think airsickness, sits more approaches the wing place to be better.
5. puts handbag's worst position: On kitchen dinner table. The people body carrying's pocket possibly is placed various places: On public transportation, hotel, even is in the public toilet, this let your attractive handbag turn a motion bacterium storeroom. The elder brother class and his colleague discovered in the investigation that handbag base each square centimeter has 65,000 bacteria, but reaches 1/3 handbag to carry the backwoods coli. Therefore, the handbag must certainly be far away from food, cannot place on the kitchen dinner table.

6. public toilet worst position: Middle restroom position. A research indicated that people when going to bathroom, often likes choosing the middle restroom position, therefore, on the chamberpot button, it are more than two restroom position bacterial content. When goes to bathroom, best avoids the middle restroom position to choose two restroom positions consciously.

7. gymnastic exercises classroom worst position: Front and middle. When jumps the gymnastic exercises, many people like approaching the mirror to have a look at oneself movement to be whether standard, but research discovery, in packed in mirror's room the games to let the female not perfect place feel urgently anxious to own stature, but did not look that the mirror exercise effect will be better. Therefore, jumps time the gymnastic exercises best station in among after the part.

8. bedside lamp's worst position: Head crown. Light which gets down from the head crown perpendicular incidence, although enough bright, but will hinder the human body to shed the black hormone the secretion, will thus affect goes to sleep. Should better place the bedside lamp the bed side, both does not affect you to read and is helpful to go to sleep.

9. uses earphone's worst place: On airplane, subway and train. The research discovered that uses the earphone in the noisy environment, you will move excessively the earphone volume high. For instance in the engine room, the earphone volume will reach as high as 89 decibels, will cause the ear to be injured. Must therefore listen to music, should in the peaceful environment.

10. looks at television's worst position: Dining room. If eats time the thing diverts attention, unconscious will eat up excessively many foods. The research confirmed that eats meal while looked television's person compared to eats meal the human who while listens to music to eat quicker, eats up thing also many 71%. Therefore should better not watch the television in the dining room.

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