Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recent discovery 27 with autism related gene


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The Britain researchers confirmed recently 27 with autism related gene, the major part is the initial contact and the autism concerns.

The Britain Cambridge University's researchers in the magazine "Autism Research" said in new one issue that studies the data from 349 average people and 174 already the autism patient who diagnoses, confirmed 27 genes through the contrast. These genes divide into 3 kinds, the first kind with instruction social behaviour related; The second kind with nerve growth related, explained the cerebrum growth exceptionally possibly causes the autism; Last kind with sex hormone related, this may help to explain that is why related the symptom the masculine patient to be more than the female.

The researchers said that in 27 genes had 5 once to report and the autism related, another 22 genes and autism's relations were the initial contact. The new research results will provide the good foundation for the research autism, the researchers next step will have established the model which between these genes responded mutually, by further deep research autism.

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The autism send much in the baby, the symptom performance to lonely stray, the logopathy, the interest narrow and so on. But recently some research discover certain autism patient's learning capability and the intelligence and not affected, and this kind of phenomenon appears much on the boy body, perhaps concerns with the related gene.

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