Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the morning drinks the cup clear water to have the advantage very much

In the morning gets up the first potable clear water, to organism is not only a prompt compensation, is also one kind of effective purification. This already was the medicine recognition health habits and customs.

In the morning, in the stomach food already evacuated, along with body's movement, the clear water is similar to the stomach the cleanser cleanses the stomach wall's residual, the disease germ is therefore having no home, forms the pathogenesis with difficulty the community, has lost the opportunity which stirs up trouble.

Even if has the inflammation stomach wall, undergoes every day early morning's wash, will reduce naturally also the symptom. The clear water makes the short pause in the stomach, besides is absorbed few, above 80% is absorbed into the small intestine the blood. Drinks newly the clear water approximately passes through 21 seconds to be able to arrive at body's each corner, promotes whole body's getting rid of the old and taking in the new.

First, drinks the clear water can wash organism, the decontaminate. The environmental pollution the harm is carries on to the humanity in unconscious. Great variety harmful toxic substance, some accumulate through the biological chain chain-reaction and the concentration, enters in finally the grain which, the vegetable, the fruit and the meat, the egg, the milk our eat three meals a day must; Some through the respiratory tract and skin direct invasion organism, store up to the human body in creates latent poisoning. In the morning gets up the clear water which drinks to be able to eliminate these contaminating material effectively, guarantee cell's metabolism.

Next, drinks the clear water can moisten organism, the dilution blood, reduces the blood viscosity, avoids the heart cerebrovascular disease patient having the accident effectively in the morning, prevents heart disease and the stroke; Can dilute the urine, makes to save night of solid poison to dissolve in the urine discharges, both has flushed the urethra, the prevention urine road infection, and may prevent the urine road stone, but can also discharge the carcinogen promptly, avoids carcinoma of urinary bladder's occurrence. And can also maintain the skin moistens but the high resilience, protects the skin, achieves the cosmetology the goal.

The clear water through the small intestine, is absorbed besides the majority, the remainder enters the large intestine to divide into two groups; A part is continued by the intestines wall to absorb into the blood; Another part has become the excrement diluent, guarantees the bowel movement to be smooth, prevents the constipation effectively. At the same time, may reduce hemorrhoids' occurrence.

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