Friday, July 3, 2009

The hot summer day, crosses when the sex life must operate the air-conditioner unavoidably

The hot summer day, crosses when the sex life must operate the air-conditioner unavoidably, otherwise can be streaming with sweat. However the expert reminds, air-conditioner's temperature cannot be too low, because under the low temperature has a sexual intercourse the easy cold, and will cause the damage to the body.

The cloudy and cold environment is not the sexual affection best environment. First, in the sexual intercourse process, the whole body blood vessel hyperemia expands, the sweat gland pore occupies the opening perspiration condition, this time is swayed the cool breeze, skin's blood vessel will contract suddenly, causes the massive blood liquid flow to return to the heart, will aggravate heart's burden; Simultaneously will also cause the sweat gland drain hole to close suddenly, causes the sweat to be detained in the sweat gland, will not favor the perspiration, but also easy cold. Next, after in the summer massive perspiration, the blood mounts thickness to elevate, the cerebrum blood supply reduces, oxygen insufficient supply. At this time if the inlet temperature low room, the vasoconstriction, the cerebrum oxygen deficit is serious, after the sexual affection, is specially easy wearily. Moreover, if is stays all day in the air conditioned room, the air circulates with difficulty, in the room will save many bacteria. In the human body is weary, under the perspiration condition, the resistivity will drop, also easy to infect other diseases.

Certainly, does not operate the air-conditioner, in the burning hot environment the sex life is also not good. Should better be uses the air-conditioner before the sexual affection. A half hour turns on the air conditioning to reduce the room temperature ahead of time, maintains outside the indoor temperature and the room the warm difference about 5-10 degrees, before starting the sexual affection, the best windowing to ventilate, or turns on the electric fan to decrease temperature. If before having sexual intercourse, already sweated profusely, then should wait for the perspiration to do completely, after palpitation steady, crossed the sex life again, otherwise easy to cause the prostration. If after discovering oneself sexual intercourse, has situation which massive exceptionally perspires, possibly is the bodily weak signal, best promptly to hospital inspection, adjusts own life style.

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