Friday, July 17, 2009

Before the movement, most delicious spot chocolate


Before starting the movement 15 minute supplement right amount chocolate, is not only helpful in the movement the power supply, but is also helpful to the movement postosome strength restoration.

The movement nutriology's research indicated that the human body must consume the massive glycogen in the entire movement, before the movement, is tricked the gram force, may increase in muscle's glycogen reserve, thus sharpens the motor ability, delays wearily; After the movement, must restore the physical strength, this time the human body similarly needs to supplement the sugar minute. But the right amount chocolate may maintain in vivo blood sugar the stability, prevents the hypoglycemia, the promotion physical strength restores, simultaneously supplemented that human body energy which consumes in the movement, delays the weary appearance.

In carries on the physiological load of exercise big exercise for instance long-distance race, weight lifting isochronism, the human body is big to the energy consumption, in the human body many nutrients can consume, in addition the movement time comparison is long, if does not have the enough energy, the exercise will be unable to complete the practice, but in the chocolate energy and the nutrition are quite crowded, can satisfy the bodily energy in the shortest time, causes in the muscle and liver's blood sugar is at the most saturated condition. Except these, the chocolate can also provide many can satisfy the human body primary need the mineral substance and the nutrient, is advantageous in enhances the movement and the exercise fitness effect.

The chocolate has the pivotal function regarding the movement, but entrusts with the chocolate unique charm the ingredient is the polyphenol, it is exists in the cocoa beans the natural ingredient, is the very strong oxidation inhibitor. It may suppress in the blood “the impurity”, but may also lengthen in the human body other oxidation inhibitor, like Vitamin E, the Vitamin C response time, promotes the vasodilatation, the polyphenol is one kind has the latent promotion health function compound.

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Therefore, the people before carrying on the physical training to be best the edible several chocolate, particularly black chocolate. When people in movement before when has not eaten meal, eats several chocolate is a good choice. Before certainly this is not to encourage the people movement, not to eat meal.


Moreover, although the chocolate is one delicious food, but if will want to enjoy the delicacy not to gain weight, certainly must very much exercise the body, possible arrangement diet.

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