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Anti-senile four kind of best healthy foods

Anti-senile four kind of best foods

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Since old times people technique on the pursue immortal, hope immortality. Along with the time progress, we knew that this is only people's one's own wishful thinking, but we may appear young by ourselves, postpone senility, except through technological means that may also through eat achieves young, lets us have a look together.

Sesame seed

The modern scientific research's development, untied the sesame seed to have multi-purpose, the anti-senile secret. The modern chemical analysis verifies: In the sesame seed also includes many kinds of anti-senile materials, like unsaturated fatty acid and so on oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid. It includes natural Vitamin E, has the important value nutrient content. The Vitamin E physiological action mechanism is mainly the oxidation resistance function, it may prevent in vivo to produce the peroxidation lipin, thus maintains including the unsaturated fatty acid quite centralized cell membrane complete and the function is normal, may also prevent in vivo other ingredients to receive the lipin peroxide the injury. In addition, Vitamin E may reduce in vivo lipofuchsine the accumulation. These may play the postpone senility the role. Moreover, in the sesame seed sesame oil also includes the rich lecithin, not only may prevent the hair premature whitening and fall off, maintains the hair is elegant, moreover can the Run skin improve looks, promotes the human body maintains and restores the youth the vigor. - Paintball  Airsoft  Skate

Question: How does the sesame seed eat only then anti-senile

Operates the computer for a long time, easy to cause muscle osseous system's and so on waist, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist illness. The best method is after using computer period of time sets out movement several minutes. In the diet aspect, eats the black-seeded sesame to be able to strengthen the bone.


Mushroom's nutrition rich, enhances the immunity, to lose weight, in the mushroom has the massive inorganic natures, the Vitamin, the protein and so on rich nutrient content, but the quantity of heat is very low, will eat will frequently not put on weight. And the mushroom includes the very high cellulose, may prevent the constipation, reduce in blood's cholesterol content. In mushroom's Vitamin C wants high compared to the common fruit many, may promote human body's metabolism.

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The spinach has the enhancement physique, to cause the skin good, expulsion of toxin, the protection vision, to set minds at rest, may to be far away lacks the iron anemia's effect. In spinach's folic acid aims at mother to be important, being pregnant period supplements the sufficient folic acid, not only may avoid giving birth has the growth flaw baby, but can also decrease the newborn baby to contract disease's and so on leukemia, congenital heart disease probabilities. Ranked Best of the Bunch -LA Times


The tomato have against cancer, to give you the good appetite, in full vigour, the whitening effect. In the tomato including massive Vitamin C, in every 100 grams tomato includes 20-30 milligram Vitamin C. Vitamin C has the enhancement organism resistivity, prevention scurvy, the resistance infection function. But in the cucumber includes the abundant Vitamin C decomposition enzyme, simultaneously eats them may cause in the tomato Vitamin C to be destructed. Attention: The cucumber tomato do not eat together. - Custom Branded Tees

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