Friday, July 31, 2009

The research said that the divorce causes the human to contract chronic illness probability markup


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BBC reported that a research discovery, divorces to the health has the motioning a person to not go adverse effect, even if the second marriage cannot repair the health which completely suffers injury.

A Chicago development facility through from to 8652 ages 51 years old to 61 year-old person's research discovered, divorce person compared to these marriage person old disease (for instance cancer) probability high above 20%. This digit only dropped the 12%-- researchers in second marriage's person writes in the health and in the social behaviour magazine.

The researchers thought that we have one in the grown-up time “the health stock”, our marital experience decided this “health stock” maintains or weakens. This research indicates only then these marriage stable talented person to be possible to achieve with the unmarried person anticipated rate is the same in the chronic healthy question.

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Second marriage's person has the chronic state of health the probability the human who is stabler than the marriage to be higher than 12%. Human who the divorce person, loses one's spouse does not have the second marriage are slightly less than, this part of people result in chronic illness's probability are 20%.

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University of Chicago sociologist concurrently Researcher Dr Linda Waite said that the divorce or will lose one's spouse will impair the health will be because of the income drop and pressure build-up, for instance needs to undertake child's child support payment.

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