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Perfect sex life 14 “vegetable”

“the men and women” and “the diet” compares, the importance is the same. But the former, because emphasizes interactive, therefore, the thorough careful etiquette can let you matter of interest the men and women abundant without doubt, sees one climax after another. This is also for you with that position discussed that the marriage discusses boyfriend's careful preparation bed guide which marries.

Perfect sex life 14 “vegetable”

First, before meal, snack:

First: In any event, also cannot develop the primary appointment on the bed ......By an appointment to his understanding, you really felt relieved that carries on “the exchange” with him? If you thought that he you fantasized for the immediate bed partner, should better ask him to clarify the condition ahead of time. Reminds his best opportunity was dines finishes him to pay a bill, this is you to his benevolent - - him will appreciate your acting with constraint, also will thank you not to let him waste more time and the money, otherwise, when he took great pains for the imagination in romantic night of late crop fully atmosphere, you actually told him, sorry, I wanted ......

Second: If you knew ahead of time he must stay behind altogether rests the head on with the dormancy, please in advance reject the thing which in the bedroom any possibly feels disappointed, for example “predecessor” the picture, the handset, the work document, the facsimile machine, the stinking clothes and the shoe, have not finished eating food, treats the bed sheet which and the pillowcase, the dirty ash-tray, the unpaid bill, the trash can, the bored television program washes ......Ladies must pay attention to Tibet is good your these “lovably” the natural toy especially, if does not want to defeat him immediately the self-confidence, please later only then take in the contact at least six months “frightens” him. But must prepare the goods are as follows: The drink, the fresh flower, music (considered majority of apartments wall thin like leatheroid), has the nature, but the non-artificial fragrant atmosphere's candle or the volatile oil, the lip gloss paper goods (quality must be good, does not want these elephant sandpaper's low-price merchandise absolutely).
Third: The bathroom must be spotless, and prepares the sufficient toilet tissue ahead of time; Guaranteed that the rug, the water trough, the urinal, the mirror achieves 5 star-level hotels the cleanliness, showers the place do not take a bath the thing your lovable hello kitty to place; Prepares set of travel luggage size the gentleman Eau de Cologne, the scented soap, the shampoo and shaves must the thing, as well as the new toothbrush and the towel, he will feel grateful your sympathizing.

Fourth: If you have raised the pet, is inquisitive asked whether he did mind your treasure is strange bedfellows with you?

Second, piece de resistance:

First: Before going to bed, please do wash the hands, why? You before meals do not wash the hands? Especially pays attention to your nail health, and maintains the oral cavity is fresh.

Second: The life is short, do not wait for passively you the boyfriend begins first. Needs also to have initiative must use the life jacket, no matter you are the gentleman or woman, should be responsible for own health.
Third: If your at home appointment, do not forget to lower the telephone answering machine's sound, does not want the midway to stop answers the telephone. In the US, most suitable sexual affection's music is R&B, for instance Barry White, Lupher Vandross, Al Greene, R.Kelly and so on.

Fourth: “exchange” when please do not maintain the silence, this time the keep quiet do not say really makes him “the natural interest” to sell at a discount greatly, at the right moment the back coupling he, for instance praises him, even if said how many bad languages, by now sense of humor was indispensable, who will discuss the work the manner belt to the bed on? But careful do not alarm your neighbor or the pet.

Fifth: Exchanges your natural fantasy, or plays the roll play to be good, increases a fervor for the life is not very? But please by all means must have the line of sight exchange with yours boyfriend, otherwise he will think that you will be fantasizing others.

Sixth: Do not make the barbaric shape to tear up his clothes, how did you know that his clothes are not his mother or grandmother's gift, or this is exactly the expensive shirt which he most likes ......The compensation not necessarily solves the problem.
Seventh: If your boyfriend “natural interest hobby” unusual, then you should better determine in your withstanding scope. Does the words which does not decide immediately to tell him, do not become oneself his pleasure the sacrificial victim. Perhaps you are willing to coordinate him, then please certainly tell him: I am the primary experience, please gently hurt me.

After meal, sweet snack:

First: After afterward at least again, the play or talks 15 minutes. If wants to let fire of desire combustion entire room, but is not the fire, please afterward do not smoke on the bed, two people naked escape after all phenomenon very unbecoming.

Second: If your boyfriend plans to remain down, or you must keep him in the family to pass the night, please do not gather round his personal effects to spin, for instance his jacket, pants, handset, headstock, bathroom ......Do not let him think in an appointment private eye. Even if your relations were already close, even achieves discussed that the marriage discusses the situation which marries, must respect him or own private.

Third: Although you associate already the long time, but lets the secret recipe which you relate maintain freshness, momentarily unfolds your being with good intention. Asked when he does plan to get out of bed, takes the careful girlfriend, please provide the tea or the coffee takes the breakfast.

Also is really troublesome, makes fair lady not to be really simple! However speaks the truth, the man will be willing to marry such woman is the wife. Therefore, wanted to marry to the bed on that man we recognizes!

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