Friday, July 24, 2009

Makes the movement and participates in the public relations to reduce the alzheimer's disease sickness risk

Alzheimer's disease sickness - Alles für Ihr Tier

German Alois the Alzheimer sickness research association discovered that makes the movement, to participate in the social activity to be able to help the senior citizen to reduce the trouble alzheimer's disease sickness risk.

According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported that every day makes 30 minutes movements, to participate in gymnastics, the yoga or the dance class at least knows the new friends to be helpful in the senior citizen reduces is sick the risk. This association stressed that exercises the cerebrum to be important, because this will have the new neuron connection, will thus cause the cerebrum to operate well. Therefore, the association suggested that the senior citizen usually may through play cards, the newspaper reading, to play the musical instrument, to recite the poetry, to participate in the study class etc exercise cerebrum.

In addition, is accustomed to with left hand's person to practice to use the right hand, is accustomed to practice with right hand's person to use the left hand also exercises a cerebrum's efficacious device.

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The alzheimer's disease sickness said that Alois Alzheimer sickness, is the most common senile dementia sickness, the clinical manifestation for the cognition, the memory and the language function presents barrier ect.

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