Saturday, August 1, 2009

The true sexual affection

The true sexual affection

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Because is restrained certain contradictory idea - - sex can be separated from the sentiment mutually, or should not limit enjoys sexual affection - - we to forget made love the true meaning was anything. But, if the true challenge is explores the body's terra incognita in the long years? This is the question which is unable to reply, proposes dumbfoundedly about the life and death question equally on the image plane to 7 year-old children: “what is makes love truly?”This question just fell bed sheet's folding with the most intense human body exchange. It baffles in the middle of us most “experiences for a long time the sandy plain” the human sufficiently.

Blots out the sky about the sex information, and mutually contradictory. These dazzling discussion sex skill's handbook, presses the human not to gasp for breath, even does not hear the true desire is anything. They discuss some more and more slight issue directly: “whether should accept the seminal fluid shoots on the face?”, “whether can make the vagina trueing?”- - these said that can let the reader satisfied “be supposed” and “must”, draws often is some new standards, has harassed our original sexual affection idea.

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By the movie as well as contemporary some novels and the narration, the sexual affection process is described in detail. In the sex industry domain, all details are also described, to make public, and under light perpendicular incidence by close-up development. The people talk in whispers: “you can see all, all about the sex skill.”

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