Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The male drinks wine frequently the risk which increases develops cancer

The male drinks wine frequently the risk which increases develops cancer

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The Canadian Mcgill University Montreal Branch school's researchers in the magazine in American new one issue "Cancer Inspection And Prevention" reported that the male drank frequently the risk which possibly will increase develops cancer, but including did not drink the grape wine.

The researchers have carried on the investigation to a nearly 3600 35 years old to 70 year-old male. The result discovered that drinks frequently the male suffers from the male which carcinoma oesophagi, the stomach cancer, the colon cancer, liver cancer, the lung cancer and the prostate gland cancer 6 kind of cancer's probabilities must be higher than do not drink or not often drink. Moreover, the liquor drinks many, the male contracts the above cancer's risk to be higher. In addition, 5% cancer death case with drinks concerns.

The report pointed out that the research only discovered drinks the beer and the hard liquor may enhance the risk which the male develops cancer, but had not discovered that drinks the grape wine also to have this kind of risk. At the same time, because the object of study has not included the female, therefore was not still clear drinks whether also to enhance the risk which the female will develop cancer.

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