Thursday, August 27, 2009

The female is easier than the male to receive the nightmare to puzzle

The female is easier than the male to receive the nightmare to puzzle

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The British scientists study the discovery, compares with the male, the female is easier to receive the nightmare to puzzle.

The frequency is high

Britain " Daily Telegraph " report, west English University laboratory in one year tracking investigation 193 volunteers, including 100 females and 93 male, requests dream which under these person of records do.

The survey result showed that 19% male expressed has had the nightmare in the near future, but has this experience feminine proportion to reach as high as 30%.

Participates in this investigation west England University psychology lecturer Jennifer Parker said that this is in the world first in view of the male and the female “the nightmare difference” research. She said: “looking from the result, the male and the female in makes in the nightmare frequency to have the obvious difference - - female to have the nightmare to be more, and the female is more intense to nightmare's feeling.”

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Parker analyzed that the female changed daily anxious and so on mood leads in the sleep, “I thought that feminine dream was they with reality resistance one kind of subconscious”, compared with the male, they more difficult to close “the switch” anxious.

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The content resembles

Parker said that the tracking investigation result showed that the nightmare basically may divide into 3 kinds: Is pursued or the life is threaten, loses the lover or the love thing, place oneself in a completely strange environment.

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“the interesting phenomenon is, if reads the related nightmare content the report of investigation, you will discover that the female and the male will make nightmare's content basically same,” she said that “just the female will frequently have the nightmare. ......Their not happy dreamland's quantity are more than the male, moreover in the dream has more pitiful, the self-denial and defeat's `the bitter experience '.”

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Before once some investigations pointed out that the female changes the matter which in the dream proficient person and the room occurs, their dreamland does not look like the masculine dream such to have the aggressivity. In addition, the female is easier to do loses the family member or throws the thing in the nightmare, this kind of nightmare appears the frequency must be more than the frightening nightmare, even lets many females cry to wake from the dream.

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