Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seven kind of friends are worth associating for a lifetime

Seven kind of friends are worth associating for a lifetime

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The good friend first kind: Whips

We need that kind the human who urges us to advance boldly. If you have the qualifications to obtain the promotion, but is actually indefinite, she will say: “that work is suitable you. Now we should hang up the telephone, you have the matter to now do. Waited for you to complete has telephoned again to me!”

The good friend second kind: Good consultant

When you meet the major problem may ask her to help - -, if lives the joy, the success secrets are anything - -, but she also can always give you an appropriate answer.

The good friend third kind: Young spot friend

She is in the office trainee or is moves to your next door from another city the immigration. Guaranteed that she is worth you supporting, then supports her.

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The good friend fourth kind: It is not mother's mother

She may be your that very good, the old neighbor, you fall ill she delivers the soup to you; She also possibly is your friend's mother, she often invites you in the holiday to have the dinner. Each people have need others love time.

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The good friend fifth kind: Translator

The masculine friend understood that the masculine idea, he will give you the unwise suggestion, will have such friend not to have the harm to you. He may tell you explicitly, when your boyfriend said when “I need my space”, his meaning is anything (looks for a new boyfriend! )


The good friend sixth kind: Interesting person

When you need to decompress, she will pull you to sing KTV or to tell her life small joke to you, will cause you to smile straight sways back and forth.

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The good friend seventh kind: Cares about you the person

She looks like one time to pay attention to you, to look after you the elder sister. When you thought that somebody when is disadvantageous to you, she is sincere, presents emergencies's time in before dawn three o'clock, she is your the first human who telephones for it.

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Americanising Desi said...

there is no friend i want to associate with!


all lie!

skywind said...

Americanising Desi, We are impossible in this world not to have the friend, because the family member is also our friend.

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