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Human body 10 useless organs

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According to the American media reported that Europe renaissance outstanding human anatomy scientist and painter Da Vinci said like this: “the human body is in the nature the most perfect thing.”But some human body spot as if already degenerated uselessly, appears unnecessary. Establishment theory of evolution's biologist Darwin has analyzed the humanity vestige's anatomy characteristic, thought that they most can explain the natural selection, uses to draw back waste. He is called these characteristics “useless or approaching is useless, therefore no longer receives the natural selection the control”. But these human body spot is not in fact a use also does not have to our health. Below we look at human body ten “uselessly” the spot.

1. Masculine nipple

The reason that the man and the woman have the nipple, is because grows in the embryo the early time does not have the sexual character, only then has grown the later period to the embryo, the testicular hormone only then causes the embryo to have the sex. But this time, the nipple already grew forms. Therefore, difference of the men and women udder size, is merely actually the amphoteric difference, has nothing to do with “the degeneration”.

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2. Appendix

Is humanity's one kind of vestige (herbivore's appendix is very developed), abdomen right underneath, the caecum inside, the near-end and the caecum are interlinked, far-end block system. Because the appendix cavity is tiny, is also the pyloric caeca, the food debris and the guanite and so on easy to fall into the cavity, the jamming lumen causes the inflammation, thus causes appendicitis's occurrence. The appendix inflammation has the possibility to set at the human in the deathtrap, therefore advocated that is sick excises, has not gotten sick may also excise. But the research indicated that the appendix may resist the germ. The appendix itself has the rich Lymphatic tissue, it can secrete the immunity material, may kill will cause the bacterium which abdominal cavity illness gets sick, can strengthen the human body to cancer's resistivity. The autopsy discovery, has been excised appendix's person, results in cancer of the intestines's probability to compared to not the excision high 40%; Other cancers die, is also is excised appendix's person proportion to be high. Appendix's immunity ability approximately when 12~30 years old achieves the peak, 60 years old gradually will later vanish. The people extrapolated from this that senior citizen's cancer increases, drops probably with organism immunity, concerns including appendix function vanishing.

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3. Wisdom tooth

The human to 20 years old about, terminus between lips tooth a spot big tooth only then the beginning long comes out, the small number of people even must sprouts to 25 year old or 30 year old of talent. This high and low about final 4 big teeth, must live in person's puberty, this time person's physiology and psychology close mature, therefore is also called as “the wisdom tooth”. It is said the humanity “the remote ancestor” has the wisdom tooth, but the modern people not long wisdom tooth has reached 20%~25%, the reason was modern people's appearance several hundred thousand year ago “the ancestor” entirely different, the present frontal bone very difficult to hold the wisdom tooth the existence. Ancient times the human wisdom tooth's appearance, is for the flesh and blood which grited teeth difficultly to gnaw, present's food is quite fine, the tooth chewed has not needed too to use energy, whether there is did the wisdom tooth resemble immaterial already.

4. The hair stands erect the muscle

When the humanity is also covered with the hair, on the skin stands erect myo- can cause the hair to stand erect, makes one appears the overwhelming power opens feared. But the present can only let our goose flesh.

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5. Coccyx

Coccyx part which “the tail” remains after the human evolution. Actually, the coccyx is also human body's important components. The research indicated that this small bone is helps the internal organs maintains at the essential position pelvic cavity myo- pivot. If “the degeneration will be useless” the coccyx excises, will then have more than 50% people to have the visceral organ sagging or to give rise to the vertebra aspect problem.

6. Tonsil

As soon as the human opens the mouth, in nearby small tongue's two side, may see the appearance likely almond the tonsil. How many years, the medical experts have been arguing tonsil's function. Some people thought that the tonsil is the degenerated useless thing. It is located at the choke point which the bacterium appears and disappears, has become “the bacterium nest”, is disadvantageous to the health. Another kind looks at the principle to believe that the tonsil is the important immune organ, can produce the lymphocyte, after these lymphocyte enters the blood, can eliminate the bacterium and strengthen body's resistivity, including anticancer treatment ability. It may also neutral, eliminate many microorganisms the toxin and so on.

7. Adenoid vegetation

The adenoid vegetation is also the adenoid body is large, is very common in the child, but will grow along with the age will reduce gradually, usually can excise together with the tonsil. The adenoid vegetation can catch the bacterium, but very easy to become inflamed, after causing, the nostril varying degree receives blocks, many and paranasal sinus inflammation, tympanitis, tonsil tumescent concurrent.


8. Paranasal sinus

Around nasal cavity many gas bearing ossein cavities. They hide nearby the nasal cavity, they are interlinked by the small aperture with the nasal cavity. Doctor knows not many to the paranasal sinus, but nearby our nasal cavity has many such ossein cavities. Their function possibly includes the pitch which and the intonation as well as to the eye changes us to speak decreases temperature.

9. Pili

Our ancestor had once been covered with the pili. Before about 3,000,000, on the human body is covering the pili. After but when the Homo erectus appears, the humanity had the perspiration ability, then means that the humanity no longer needed the pili.

10. The third eyelid

Perhaps you did not know that you also have the third eyelid. Opens own double-fold eyelid, you will discover nearby the corner of the eye tear-duct to have the third eyelid. The third eyelid, is also called the nictitating membrane, covers protects the cornea and the elimination foreign matter on the conjunctiva, and prevents the eye to have the excessively dry situation. The animal has “the third eyelid” generally, for instance chicken, lizard and shark.

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