Friday, August 7, 2009

The expert discovers the AIDS new variety virus


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The French media reports said that a French AIDS research team said that they had discovered AIDS newest variety virus, this kind of virus with causes primates, monkey and so on chimpanzee to have the immune system damage symptom the SIV virus to be extremely similar.

It is reported that the scientific circles known have two types at present HIV. And the HIV-1 HIV infection is strong, the dissemination scope is broadest; II infection is weak, infects the area to concentrate in the West Africa, the symptom development is relatively slow. HIV-1 HIV divides into three different groups, respectively is M group, N group and O group. M group is now most common HIV, is called the main group, O is called the secondary group or other groups, N is called the new group.

But recent discovery's variety virus is belonged to P group. It with causes monkey, primates and so on chimpanzee to have the immune system damage symptom the SIV virus to be extremely similar. But the scientific researchers indicated: “we did not know at present actually when has had the variation.”

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It is reported that this variety virus is discovers in one from Cameroon's old woman body. This research team members at first recognize the virus to belong to O group for this reason, but afterward research indicated that the situation is not true. O group of AIDS mainly distributes in Cameroon and so on West Africa countries, has the probably more than 100 infected people in France.

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It is reported that the patient who examines the newest AIDS variety virus “the condition is been good”, she said that never contacts the oversized orangutan.

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This research team's people in charge indicated: “this patient should not be a case, this model virus has the possibility in Cameroon also to have other infected people, this variety virus's discovery, may help us to study AIDS variety well the condition.”

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