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How in the future will the humanity enjoy the happy love

How in the future will the humanity enjoy the happy love

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This is the fantasy which will blend greatly about the human primitive ual excitement and the future science and technology: The sexual affection no longer merely is the sexual affection is so simple, it also affects the law, the security, the communication, the advertisement; But the contraception, the birth start become simple. But these fantasy rationality is crazy. But perhaps 80 years later, the realistic change can be crazier!

in 2035 perfect contraception method birth

Has occurred since the 60s's contraceptive revolution, the contraceptive technology does not have what true development nearly. The true revolutionary innovation occurs in 2035, in the cell technology considerable development's foundation, one kind of named BB(BlackBank) blocking type contraception produced. This is one kind of non-toxic virus, after injecting into the human body, causes the oviduct or the vas deferens partial inflammation stops up, that situation slightly has similar with natural state's under inflammation. The BB blocking type contraception conforms to the perfect contraceptive three standards: Is friendly to the user; It is not easy to make a mistake; Without the risk.

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in 2040 sexual affection puppet

The robot provides any form for the humanity the service, will certainly also include the sex service. Actually the sexual affection robot research and development technically are not difficult, what is difficult is how to let them the flesh feeling likelihood person - warm, soft willowy. When this question has solved, how can let the robot more intellectualized, is the next research key, also how is to coordinate it the master to make the suitable movement and the mood response.

in 2045 outer space sexual affection

At present, only limits regarding the outer space sexual affection's discussion is overcoming weightlessness situation. Disclosed according to NASA's document that the outer space sexual affection is possible, but does is difficult, needs to have the third person of help to fix one of them's body posture. But 50 years later, this kind of technical question no longer is the question, the average person enters the outer space while the airship also no longer is the daytime fantasized. Is on one's honeymoon in the outer space even becomes one kind of vanguard fashion, but some people are infatuated with in the outer space sexual affection, because a piece, does not have the earth gravity control, may make each kind of sexual affection posture very easily, because two pieces in weightlessness situation, the blood are more centralized nearby the heart, man's strong time will lengthen greatly.

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in 2053 pure love unrest

Because sexual intercourse's being in flood, love becomes purely, the valuable thing. Some emphasis spirit pursue's person ascends the simple pure love again, has started Plato's-like love unrest, initiates take the pure love as the goal, the rejection pure love movement, not only became the international pure love to organize, to send out the pure love to propose, the participant also held takes an oath and so on activities in the presence of everyone.

in 2068 seed bank

Because BB blocking type contraception's being in fashion, preserved the sperm, the egg “seed bank” to be likely the currency bank equally many. The people before implementing BB, critical mass's sperm, the egg withdraws ahead of time from vivo. The new cell technology may stores up safely men's and women's sperm or the egg, maintains for a long time their activeness and the vitality, looks like billion year ago ancient to live the plant spore to be the same.

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in 2077 sexual affection bar substitutes the brothel

The brothel is a dirty place, infects venereal diseases, the destruction family and society's stability and unity. After sexual affection robot and hypothesized sexual affection technology mature, sexual affection bar emerges quietly. Some have the high-level knowledge person to patronize here first, then popularizes slowly. Sexual affection bar obtains most people's approval finally, becomes the lawful operation place, even many sweetheart hotels also therefore reform, the introduction sexual affection robot and the hypothesized sexual affection facility, the unmarried public figure may also enjoy oneself to the full in the sweetheart hotel.

in 2078 AIDS vanishes

The scientific researchers cultivate the AIDS virus vaccine finally. The country takes the vaccination AIDS virus vaccine one compulsory behavior, requests each to be 12 year-old citizen to vaccinate the vaccine, each item of expense undertakes by the country. Under government's intervention vigorously, AIDS goes into hiding gradually. - High Performance Cables

In 2080“treasure” regeneration plan

in June, 2005, the Russian microsurgery and reshaping expert Sokol completed a risk enormous surgery - to raise the reproductive organ for the patient. Sokol shears down this brave patient's treasure, then “grafts” to his left forearm. Treats the reproductive organ ever less than 2 inches long after the nearly 7 inches, Sokol again the organ transplanting which grows up newly this to between his hip. This difficulty extremely high surgery has succeeded finally, but Sokol had not thought continually, this surgery has established the“treasure” regeneration plan. The world medical scientist, is inspired from surgery's success, carries out the reproductive organ raise, in vitro cultivation experiment vigorously, solution organization necrosis, as well as questions and so on regeneration speed. in 2080, the “treasure” regeneration plan in countries and so on Russia, US, China, Japan takes the lead the clinical practice, the popular name “a kind of mushroom”. The man may through transplant in vitro raise the reproductive organ, repairs disabled bodily or the solution physiology barrier.

in 2083 the clones vs incest

Although various countries have been clear about the opposition human body clone, but it looked like the Tsunami to sweep across the whole world equally. From the gene study angle, any two have the same genome team's people to be possible to think that is the same person. As a result of the external fertilization as well as the embryonic implantation and the clone technology's development, the very difficult prevention of accident or intentionally carries on the incest reproduction through the gene technology. Therefore, through United Nations's endeavor, in 2083, promulgated the provision strict clone law prevented the incest the occurrence - all preparation birth's parents before must make the inspection, if had 100%, 50% or 25% genes is the same, they will be forbidden to give birth; If before becoming pregnant has not accepted the inspection, then the embryo must accept the inspection, any by has the embryo who 100%, 50% or 25% gene same parents become pregnant produce to wipe out; If the parents know nothing about to their gene similar relations, this code authorization takes the essential medicine measure, possibly prevents any to the code 46 further destructions; If parents before birth knows their gene similar relations, but also continues to give birth, then this is one kind of criminality.

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in 2085 the global generation is pregnant the legalization

Although present only then American minority several states adopted the law, has been clear about the legal status which the generation is pregnant, but this unrest already could not reverse. The human body forever is cultivates the embryo the best environment, but the female produces pain, even if is the good reproduction science and technology inextricability. Facing such is in a dilemma the choice, the generation is pregnant is a good choice. To the 21st century's the 80s, the global most countries recognized that the generation is pregnant legitimately, took the humanity ART it to interpolate the law. Even if initially resisted the firmest China also to start to have the condition experimental attempt. However, the law also stipulated that is pregnant the production child through the generation, has the consultation right of inheritance.
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