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The human disposition and the taste have the close connection

The human disposition and the taste have the close connection

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Some person mood depressed time likes eating greatly tucks away, made meat egg, a meat patty, fat the attack to force in an all round own stomach. But some people when the mood is not good actually an appetite does not have. Why can like this? The secret lies in the diet with each person's disposition, the makings as well as the psychology has the inevitable relations.

On taking “rude and unreasonable” this word. Observes your person, if he (she) is one is addicted to the spicy like life person, then his (her) certain comparison “rude and unreasonable”. Is addicted to the spicy person temperament quite to be usually irritable, this kind of person belongs to “the plethora” in the disposition. They treat people are often warm naturally, but initiates the temperament to come to be very also scary.

But other people, they compare like eating the sweets. These person's disposition is quite often temperate, belongs in the disposition “mounts the liquid”. Their manner is discrete, is quite conservative on getting along with people, is not willing to take risk.

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The diet and the psychology have the close relationship truly. The British behavior psychologist through the massive fact research, indicated recently person's disposition and the taste have the close connection.

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The human who likes eats the rice, is frequently self-intoxicated, is narcissistic, processes appropriately to the human to the matter, compared with stretches the rules, but the cooperation spirit is bad; The human who likes eats the wheaten food, glib, line of gab, does not consider the consequence and the influence, but the will is not firm, works easily to lose confidence; But the human who likes eats fries in oil food daring to take risk, has does an enterprise's desire, but receives the setback disheartened namely; The human who likes eats light food paying great attention the human relations, is good at approaching other people, hopes to have wide acquaintance the friend, does not hope single-handedly.

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If relates the diet with the nationality, then you will discover another interesting phenomenon. Cited an example to take the bread, Russia had plants the famous bread to be called “the big bread”, its and the component was similar to the Russian is ordinary “suffices the vigor”; But France's bread usually makes each one contour fine bread circle, the bread strip. Russian rough straightforward, not bothers about trifles, the French romantic tender feelings, the emotion is rich, this point on the bread which manufactures from them can look clearly. The American diet by the fast-food majority, looks like a fried chicken kind of fast-food to cherish particularly by the American. The affection cooking oil fried wheaten food's person dares to take risk, this point manifests very well on the American person body. The America people like stimulating the risk the disposition, looks like with theirs food habit really has the connection.

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Food and the psychology occurs every time is actually relating, this point can look from ours ordinary life: Described that the woman complained the man flirts with the eyes to other woman calls “to be jealous”; Our mood happy time always thinks at heart “sweet”; We are sad what flows off is “bitter and astringent” tears. The good and bad in life is salty, these five kind of flavors could find the corresponding mood correspondence word. Is willing us energy “to eat” the good mood every day.

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