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10 second judgment states of health

10 second judgment states of health

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You want not to trace others' forehead in 10 seconds to know his state of health? Looks at his foot secretly:

1. Foot frequent convulsion

Question crux: The foot sudden convulsions, perhaps muscle's contraction suddenly, possibly is by the exercise or the dehydrated initiation short situation. Sometimes, in is lying down the time, muscle or periphery a muscle sudden convulsion, will follow afterward has is sore. If this kind of situation occurs frequently, then your diet should increase the calcium, the potassium and magnesium intaking. The pregnant woman must certainly be careful in the later period pregnancy, must increase the blood stream quantity, prevents this kind of situation occurrence.

Solution: Is trying the curving foot, the massage ache spot. May also use the cold towel or the disinfection ethyl alcohol causes the muscles relax. In order to avoid the foot convulsions, before sleeping, extends the foot, then drinks the cup hot milk to supplement the calcium.

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2. The foot and the toe do not have the wool

Question crux: Circulates not unimpeded, usually is causes by angiopathy. As a result of the arteriosclerosis, the heart is unable the enough blood to supply the foot, will present this kind of phenomenon. Blood supply insufficient will also cause the people to be unable to feel foot's pulse. Stands, the foot possibly is bright red or micro black; Rises, the foot will become immediately pale.

Solution: May promote the circulation effectively to the bodily interior blood vessel's treatment.

3. The toe undercuts slightly, has the ladle shape indentation

Question crux: This is anemia's performance. Because does not have the enough hemoglobin (one kind to exist in ships oxygen in blood corpuscle rich ferri protein) to cause. The internal bleeding (for example ulcer) or the serious menstruation is not normal may also initiate anemia. When anemia, the nail will also have the same condition: The color and the matrix can present palely. Moreover nail brittle, the foot always feels cold. Weary is anemia's most important symptom, other symptoms including standing when breathes short, dizziness or the headache.

Solution: May diagnose anemia through the whole blood cell counting inspection.

4. Is unable sole ache which cures

Question crux: This is diabetes' main performance. Elevates the blood sugar density will cause the nerves of the foot the destruction, will display for the abrasion which either not the careful friction will cause by the pressure, cuts the wound or the stimulation. Diabetes' other performance also have are frequently thirsty, frequent micturition, weary, the vision blurring, the easy hungry variant form to reduce again easily.

5. Cold foot

Question crux: This kind of situation occurs much on the feminine body. Feminine core body temperature will be lower than the male, even if therefore they will be very healthy, to cold also will be very sensitive. if 40 year-old above female has rheumatism in the legs's phenomenon, that possibly is the thyroid function is insufficient, because the thyroid gland can adjust the bodily temperature and metabolism. In addition, the circulation impeded is also one of reasons.

Solution: The insulation natural material maintains warmth most is effective. If you have besides the cold foot's healthy question, suggested that you go see a doctor. Top Brands

6. The foot nail sincere, turns yellow

Question crux: This is causes by the nail following mold infection. Onychomycosis patient usually not in the least consciousness, will therefore continue several years not to detect. But this kind of infection very quick will affect to the complete toenail even fingernail, will cause the nail to send out the ill-smelling flavor, the color changes the depth. The diabetic, has the circulation question and the immune system question person easy to infect this disease. If the senior citizen walks has the question, sometimes also possibly is this question, but was detected not easily by the people.

Solution: Looked that specialized governs foot's doctor or goes to doctor there to make the treatment frequently.

7. The big toe increases suddenly

Question crux: Possibly is the uarthritis, this is arthritis's one kind, usually causes by excessively many uric acids. The uric acid usually exists in the body temperature low body spot, but the entire bodily coolest place nothing better than leaves the heart farthest big toe. after 40 to 50 year-old masculine, the menopause female changes contracts the uarthritis.

Solution: Consults to doctor through the diet and the pharmacological treatment.

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8. The both feet is numb

Question crux: The both feet does not have consciousness, this is causes by the peripheral nerve pathological change. The peripheral nerve pathological change has many reasons, but two most important reasons are diabetes and abuse the ethyl alcohol. The chemotherapeutics is also another reason. What is more serious will be this kind numb will extend succeeds in obtaining, lets you feel that as if wears the glove to resemble.

Solution: Goes see a doctor, discovers the reason. Although peripheral nerve pathological change method of treatment, but may and the anti-despondent medicine alleviates the ache symptom through the analgesic.

9. Foot joint ache

Question crux: The rheumatic arthritis, first one kind of joint pathological change which will feel by the small joint like toe and the hand knuckle, ache at the same time usually will usually be accompanied by swelling and stiff, moreover this kind of ache will be symmetrical. The rheumatic arthritis send much in the female, feminine prevalence rate is masculine 4 times.

Solution: Needs to make the overall check to determine the joint ache the reason. Has many medicines and the therapy may cure arthritis.

10. The toenail has the dent

Question crux: Majority psoriasis patient's skin disease displays for the nail has many pinholes, but deep may be shallow. But has 3/4 Psoriasis arthritis patient's joint and the skin can come under the influence, usually the performance for not smooth has the pockmark nail.

Solution: Regardless of will be Psoriasis or Psoriasis arthritis will have many medicines to carry on the treatment to it, if will treat early, the matrix may also restore.

11. The foot heel cannot lift

Question crux: The foot sagging indicates that the nerve or the muscle are damaged, this kind of damage has continued to yours back, the shoulder or the pate. Certain uses in the time foot's front part which the chemotherapeutics the medicine will also cause to walk or to stand not being able to lift. Simultaneously will also be following the ache and stiff. Sometimes this kind of ache will occur under the calf or the back the part.

Solution: Goes see a doctor, the foot sagging may cure may also become the permanent disease, this is decided by its reason and the treatment way.

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12. The skin dry easy to fall off

Question crux: Although on your face or hand's skin will be frequently dry, but do not neglect on foot's skin to be dry. Because the fungal infections usually is by the skin which itches dry starts, afterward will develop for the inflammation and the blister. When has blister time, the infection will expand.

Solution: If is not very serious, washes foot clear frequently, then lets its thorough dry, may uses the foot powder in the shoe and the sock. If 2 weeks later did not have the improvement or the infection is more serious, may seek help to doctor seeks the anti-fungus medicine.

13. The toe presents the red indigo white three kind of colors

Question crux: In the cold weather, the Reynold sickness will cause the four limbs to present the white first, will then turn the green, before turning the natural color will turn red. Possible because these spots presented the vasospasm. Reynold will get sick will also cause the finger, the nose, the lip and earlobe's color deterioration. Female and frequently in hiemal climate life person easily Reynold sickness.

Solution: Consults to doctor, inquired that may expand blood vessel's medicine.

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14. The foot department ache walks with difficulty

Question crux: The diagnosis stress bone fracture has not been the foot department ache universal reason, displays frequently for foot's side ache or the sole ache. This usually is reduces, the malnutrition by the ossein, including the Vitamin D flaw, is not easy to absorb the calcium or the apositia.

Solution: Has any ache to go see a doctor.

15. The foot tiptoe swells up upwardly

Question crux: The clubbed finger (including finger) is lung disease's regularly performance, including lung fibrosis and lung cancer. Heart disease and stomach and intestines disease also and this concerns.

Solution: Adopts the treatment according to the internal cause, must therefore certainly go see a doctor.

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16. Foot heel ache

Question crux: The full bottom fascutis is disease which causes by the sole organization inflammation. The ache treads in the morning from you the first step the start, afterward will strengthen gradually. The ache concentrates in the foot heel, but the full bow may also feel. Will jog massively or jumps will cause the ache.

Solution: If the ache continues several weeks, and has the worsened tendency, goes see a doctor.

17. Smelly foot

Question crux: Although the smelly foot (hyperhidrosis) as if compares other foot sickness question to be able to bring to the attention, but this is actually not the bodily illness performance. Because the foot department are more than the bodily other any body spot's sweat gland, moreover some people change the perspiration, the male change the perspiration compared to the female.

Solution: With antibacterial soap washing foot, lets its natural drying. The replacement shoe pad, do not duplicate frequently uses. Puts on the cotton socks and the leather shoes, because they may expel the humidity. - Save 3% on all orders over $80
18. Old shoe

Question crux: If your daily shoe had 1-2 year history, or your athletic shoes walked or have run the very long distance, then your foot department health will receive threatens. Because the old shoe cannot meet foot's needs well, will cause the blister, the bunion or the foot heel ache. The senior citizen easy always to be injured, because they always like putting on the old shoe.

Solution: Goes to the shoe store to buy the new shoes.

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