Monday, August 10, 2009

Marital interesting rumor: Before the wedding and after marriage man and woman

Marital interesting rumor: Before the wedding and after marriage man and woman

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Before the wedding, the man thought the woman is beautiful enough to eat; After marriage, the woman discovered the good looks and graceful manners cannot work as the food eats.

Before the wedding, the man and the woman paid great attention the sentiment; After marriage, they pay great attention practical and the feeling.

Before the wedding, the man hoped the woman is gentler is better. The woman more is the timid young girl or child who inspires tenderness, more can arouse man's protection desire, shows their male spirit, underlines their exquisite concern.

After marriage, the man actually thought that woman independent are quite good. The important matter has the opinion, the minor matter is unambiguous, can handle in good order the family. Should better look like the platinum gold to have toughness equally again, is adaptable to the situation, can tolerate their bad problem.

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Before the wedding, the man hoped the woman regards the money like muck. Because the woman spends greatly the place, they only then greatly will make the place, can manifest man's ability, will let them arise spontaneously the sense of pride.

After marriage, the man thought the woman will live good, can spend least money to do most matters. Best can also content with the status quo, such man will only then not have the pressure, only then all day long the quilt “will not compare ***” the boisterous sound will make the distress extremely.

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Before the wedding, the woman hoped man big great, has an imposing appearance. Because such can give them the security sense, can while oneself look that raises the eye, satisfies they small vanity.

After marriage, the woman actually thought that the man is practical good. Progresses positively in the unit, the hands and feet is at home diligent, to family member careful thorough, protects doubly to oneself.

Before the wedding, the woman encouraged the work which the man makes himself to like, do not have the too tremendous pressure. Although the work is to live, but not only is the life absolutely. The woman hoped that the man while which makes money, but can also obtain the individual value manifests, the woman can see the man directs the landscape the imposing manner.

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After marriage, the woman thought that man diligent or make the high repayment the work to be quite good, such they can feel relieved that spends.

Before the wedding and after marriage, two ideas, have accomplished two kind of different life sceneries. No matter quality for the time being, what is worth rejoicing, most people comprehended a predecessor to say the innumerable time philosophy: A pair attractive actually can only look the shoes, were inferior far a pair stands wear comfortably the shoes are effective.

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