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Vigilant: Easiest to contract cancer's eight to live the bad custom

8 bad custom most easily cancers

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The expert pointed out cancer key is how prevents, has the health life style, the scientific diet, to adjust own mood to add on the regular physical examination, cancer is unable to go to a village fair enters.

8 bad custom most easily cancers

A bad custom smoking reduced pressure -> lung cancer

When a person smoking, he affects, not only own health, because studies indicated that takes the second-hand smoke the harm to endure to the human body compared to direct smoking, but after the child accepts “the second-hand smoke” the harm to be bigger passively.

Besides smoking was the recent years lung cancer disease incidence rate and the mortality rate constant rise substantial clause, the air pollution was also initiates lung cancer succeeding in the imperial civil service examinations an important attribute. At present in the known atmosphere exists the main carcinogenic ingredient is the benzene and pi and so on, in the pollution serious big city, the resident inhales the benzene every day and pi the quantity may surpass 20 cigarettes the content.

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The bad custom two do not eat the breakfast -> gallbladder cystocarcinoma

The young office worker often does not have the breakfast to go out. But does not have the breakfast is frequently causes the gallstone and the gallbladder cystocarcinoma's suggestion factor. Because after being 8 hour above sleep, in the gallbladder has stored up the massive bile, if can go to eat promptly, drinks a milk, to eat the piece bread, can help the bile to discharge, is not easy to form the stone. But if does not have the breakfast, the bile will agglomerate in the gallbladder forms the stone, will create the gallbladder metabolic disorder. Therefore the office worker is best for a half hour to get out of bed ahead of time, every day keeps a half hour breakfast time for oneself.

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Bad custom three staying up late work -> breast cancer, the prostate gland cancer

The newest scientific research discovery, in the female and the male who goes to work all night, breast cancer and the prostate gland cancer's disease incidence rate is higher than goes to work daily the crowd.

On a feminine 3 year regular night shift, compared to will go to work the normal female to contract breast cancer's probability continuously to be higher than 40%; If continuously above 3 years on regular night shift, is sick the probability will be higher than 60%. Because on-duty period light is bright, caused human body in vivo to produce sheds black hormone the natural period to have the change, at night light reduces the human body to shed the black hormone the secretion, but shed the melanocyte the function is precisely protects DNA to be exempt from the oxidation the destruction, suppressed the cancer cell.

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Bad custom four gluttonous meats -> breast cancers

A British research demonstrated that excessively many expense processing meats food, will possibly increase breast cancer's risk. Therefore, female, if wants to be far away from breast cancer, cannot make “the carnivore” willfully, specially must reduce each kind is the zoophagous product edible quantity. However, the female rejects the meats is also completely wise. The suggestion controls the meats edible quantity every day below 100 grams, moreover should better be the steam boiling, cooks in a covered vessel cooks the uniform temperature low processing way.

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The bad custom five for a long time sit the motionless -> stomach cancer

The World Health Organization issued the report pointed out: Every year because has more than 200 ten thousand people the long time to sit motionless dies. The report also estimated that because the whole world will have 70% diseases to 2020 will be sits for a long time, the deficient movement to cause too.

Some people preceding sit in the computer are several hours, have never realized such custom will suppress the immunity gene energy, increases possibility which will develop cancer. Japan's medical scientists to accept in the stomach cancer surgery's patient's investigation to discover: Eats saturated too for a long time sits the movement is not their common characteristic, gradually will cause in human body's immune factor will become is slow and is incompetent.

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Bad custom six more than sexual partner -> cervical cancers

In the last few years, cervical cancer's morbidity age is youth oriented gradually. The young women has cervical cancer a reason and the nature concern chaotic. Cervical cancer mostly infects by the nature spread disease causes, woman or her husband's sexual partner number are more, is infected the risk the nature spread disease to be bigger, cervical cancer's formation rate is also higher. The material indicated that has the multi-individuality companion's woman to contract cervical cancer's risk compared to have above one individuality companion high 2-3 time.

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Bad custom seven inferior toilet paper -> gynecology department cancer

Some girls usually in put on are dressing up on pay attention, gives up the flower several hundred several thousand to buy the new clothes and the cosmetics, but when chooses the toilet paper such detail commodity, actually not too cares, often sorts inexpensive cheap buying. Have never realized, some inferior toilet paper, although the color transparent white, is because increased the fluorescence brightening agent or the talcum powder, easy to initiate the leukemia for a long time with the skin contact. Also some become with the scrap paper after the blanching postprocessing, very possibly contains the backwoods coli, the hepatitis virus and so on. Therefore cannot lower one's guard to the small drug sundries, certainly must select and purchase the regular brand the product, do not because of pursue for a while inexpensive has injured own life health.

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Bad custom eight obese -> colon cancers, prostate gland cancers and so on

Optimistic is the good deed, the body fat actually needs to enhance vigilance. Some cancers and obese related, like colon cancer, endometrium cancer, prostate gland cancer, breast cancer and so on. Therefore, must pay attention to the diet structure, strengthens the movement, the control body weight, reduces in vivo fat stack.

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