Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 wonderful tips helps you to stop smoking

stop smoking

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1. Clarifies reason which oneself stop smoking

You want when the no-smoking, because you knew that smoking is not good to the body, but, this cannot become urges you to insist stops smoking only reason. Perhaps you should think that protects you the family member, does not let them take the second-hand smoke; Perhaps was the lung cancer gives you to warn. No matter what, the motive are more is more intense. You succeed the opportunity is bigger.

2. Attempt Nicotine substitution therapy

When you stop smoking, will lose the Nicotine possibly to make you to feel disappointed, depressed, restless or angry. The research demonstrated that the Nicotine chewing gum, the piece and the patching procedure may help your two time of success no-smoking opportunity including the piece. But uses these products to be possible, but smokes is usually does not recommend.


3. Use prescription medicine

In order to reduce the Nicotine please to inquire you doctor the prescription medicine. Has some medicines to be possible to reduce the hope through to change the cerebrum the Nicotine. Other medicines may help to reduce the discomforting abstention to break the symptom, if the depression or the spirit are unable the means which concentrates.

4. Does not want “to fight single-handedly”

The no-smoking is a brutal campaign, do not fight single-handedly. May to yours friend family member and the colleague said that you must stop smoking. They encourage to be possible to help you better insistence. You possibly also need to join a support group or to the counselling group. The behavior therapy is one kind of advisory service, helps you to determine and to insist stops smoking strategy. The union behavior therapy and the Nicotine substitution product or the medicine raise your success ratio.

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5. Do not save the pressure

In cigarette's Nicotine will help the people to relax the nerve to a certain extent. Once starts to stop smoking, you need another way facing the pressure. The attempt lets massage frequently, relaxes listens to music, either study yoga or taiji.

6. Do not let the ethyl alcohol cancel your addiction or craving for tobacco

Certain activities may cancel the desire which you smoke. The ethyl alcohol is one kind of most common cause, when therefore you stop smoking time please as far as possible little drink. If the coffee is triggering, trades drinks the tea table star time. If you usually after the food smoked, finds other matter to do, likely cleaned the teeth or chews the chewing gum.

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7. Eliminates cigarette's trace

When you choose the no-smoking, please discard all ash-trays and the cigarette lighter. Clothes, the rug, the window blind equipollent smell must use the air fresh medicinal preparation, helps your family to get rid of this familiar smell. Do not see perhaps smells the smell with the cigarette related goods to remind you to smoke.

8. Makes the movement

The physical strength activity may reduce to the Nicotine the dependence, the alleviation symptom. When you want to look for the cigarette, your available in line ice skate or the jogging shoes replace. Even if is the slight movement is also beneficial, if walkes with dog or tidies up the weed the garden.

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9. Eats vegetables fruit

Do not attempt with to diet stops smoking, because too many limits will certainly to work just the opposite. On the contrary, stresses in eating the fruit, the vegetables and the low fat dairy products. The Arab League Duke University's research indicated that these foods let the cigarette flavor feeling be bad. This causes one side you at the fight, at the same time provides for you defeats disease's nutrient.

10. Knew that the no-smoking is also economizes

The no-smoking besides is helpful to the health, but can also help you to save part of expenditures. May handle other matters which with these money are many you to want to do.
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Elena said...

These stop smoking tips will help every smoker who wants to quit smoking. You can kick the habit and enjoy the benefits of giving up smoking with above mentioned tips.

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good tips to stop smoking , thanks

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