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In male person eye 10 kind of good women!

In male person eye 10 kind of good women!

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The man judgment is greatly different, each man regarding “beautiful woman” “good woman” the judgment is dissimilar. It is said these 10 item of good women standard undergoes the innumerable men's summary to obtain. Has a look at you are the good woman.

1st, the woman more loves, the man is braver

The man does not repel to his family and the woman fulfills one's obligation, if he can know explicitly his wife will love him, he dutifully sacrifices all for the family and the wife. Otherwise, if the man has not grasped to the family and woman's feeling even has the unnecessary worry, he will display looks like a rascal. In the related family and at woman's matter, the men like hearing similar Madame Eisenhower such reply: “the life takes to woman's greatest profession, is a wife.”

2nd, tolerant, understands man's shortcoming and the error truly

The man goes far beyond woman's imagination regarding the family and woman's value degree, they are always used to their family and the woman treat as the safe haven and the cozy nest. Therefore they hoped that here can contain their success and the defeat completely, no matter when stretches out the arms greets them to come back. Hosting

3rd, the woman must pay attention to hygiene, loves cleanly

Although they are also lazy dirty, is actually unable to tolerate one not to wash the face does not wash foot, facing the family who is unable to withstand chaotic, but aloof woman. Because they thought that their family and their woman are the true honor.

4th, the man needs household head's status

The woman always likes in household head's question struggling weak points and strong points with the man, probably household head really can control anything to resemble. Actually the man requests is a status, they are so lazy, how possible initiative to undertake does grocery shopping and washes bowl's responsibility?

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5th, the man is afraid lonely

From the psychology said that the man is afraid the lonely animal. The unmarried man exits to drink a cup perhaps to sleep every night to the friend family is not they likes drinking perhaps is friends with the friend, their bottom of the affair is they are afraid a person to live alone. Therefore the married man has the full reason to believe that he should not feel again is lonely and is lonely. When therefore the man loses their woman's whereabouts or they late turn over to even not to turn over to, they are then terrified look like in bustling streets the stark naked nun.

6th, do not count on male others outside the family to think the same way

The woman complains in male others outside the family to act like a different person frequently, is he always so why well-mannered to the bystander, actually looks like a tyrant to me? Why can't he also to my good spot? Actually the woman is not necessary for this reason heavyheartedly. Because politeness is always only the public relations need, but excessive has hundred evils regarding the family not to have an advantage politely. When the man displays politeness to the woman, can only explain that he already lost to her has loved Italy or does has been unfair to her matter.

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7th, do not when the man gets angry is in sharp opposition with him

Man the pressure which and the tribulation withstands in the society are the woman experience without knowing where to begin, this bad mood is very possibly brought back to by them in the family. Therefore the man frequently for no reason the nitpicking woman or to their uncombed hair temperament, when they will fly into a rage they by no means really will be discontented with the woman, but will be is giving vent to the melancholy mood. The man most needs woman's understanding and accepts, needs the woman to pay the quite suffering from injustice price.

8th, the man also has the jealous jealous mind

The man does not lack the jealous jealous mind compared to the woman, moreover frequently the life wrestles, dies is more than far under the love rival duel's knife sword's man is rivals for sexual favor tears to pieces facial skin's woman. If a woman really loves her the man, she should understand man's this kind to dope the self-respect and the vanity point of view diligently, treated the man carefully oversuspicious and the guess.

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9th, in the family the right and wrong is sure not to say randomly casually

The skeleton in closet cannot spread. In family's right and wrong is the matter which originally does not talk clearly, if advances the outside again the baseless rumor, man's self-respect certainly will collapse thoroughly. To that time, even if the man has a mind to reconcile, is also is unable to back down. If woman's real hope solves the problem, her only choice is closes the gate to come, slowly discussed. Because man's household management principle is: Cannot the bystander interference in internal affairs.

10th, do not take own man and others comparison

Looks like in the man, the woman takes her man and the family and others comparison is to her man and the family serious betrayal. Their impossible good intentions to understand that woman's original intention and the desire, subjectively will only think the woman will be nitpicking they to express the disaffection. They also meet the unfeeling to think, if you are unsatisfied, why you also not immediately do leave?

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