Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looks at the man psychology from the smoking posture

Looks at the man psychology from the smoking posture


Wants to understand the husband and the gentleman's inner world? Their smoking posture may tell you.

◆ used the water pouring extinguishes the cigarette

Analysis: This type's person has the nervous disposition, when works extremely in considers other people's feeling and the pursue matter's perfect result. Although he can display to other people's sense of responsibility and the careful concern, but because the result often considered too thoroughly instead to lose the thing which some should not lose.

◆ the smoke is also burning, directly throws into the ash-tray

Analysis: This type's person self-controlling force is not strong, displays willfully frequently own sentiment or imposes one's views on others. Works irresponsibly, slack, does not take into consideration other people, in injures other people carelessly frequently.

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◆ likes with the foot stepping on extinguishes the cigarette

Analysis: This type's person has sexual abuse one side, regardless of occurs is assorted the matter, he wants to attract others' attention, periphery the enticement person. Sometimes desirably will pursue some new and strange stimulations to satisfy, and will often have the aggressivity, is not willing to concede easily.

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◆ the cigarette ash was very already long, actually pays no attention

Analysis: This type's person is discrete, generally is very attentively deep, and will be good at hiding, will be self-confident. Because exchanges bad with the human, encounters the misunderstanding frequently. Although the consideration question is quite thorough, but also possible, therefore bungles a military opportunity, misses an opportunity. - Access to hundreds of digital magazine

◆ the cigarette burns the mouth quickly, but also has attracted

Analysis: This type's person to the deficient confidence, always paces back and forth between the ideal and the reality, often will be defeated puts the blame on oneself, likes rebuking oneself. But if this kind of person has the positive upward point of view, he will use this characteristic, will course a quite high goal, will pursue unceasingly, will obtain successfully finally.

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◆ likes the cigarette holding in the mouth in the corners of the mouth, the cigarette butt goes up slightly

Analysis: This type's person often too believed that sometimes own ability, cannot analyze the current situation objectively. They belong to the expansibility very high type.

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