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Most makes the feminine image which the man is in a stew

Most makes the feminine image which the man is in a stew

1st, body's symmetry

Namely the body left half should with the right half entirely alike, the four limbs are symmetrical. Lundi has been being engaged in the symmetrical research in the past 15 years. He the different person's face and the body with the scanner input computer, determines the cylindrieizing. The survey result showed that male and female both sexes thought the bodily symmetry good opposite sex has the attraction. The expert explained that this is one kind of gene superiority, indicated that a person has the good survivability, simultaneously explained that her/his body is healthy. Compares says, the male observes feminine method slightly to have the difference, they must surpass the body to the feminine face symmetrical value.

2nd, sexy chin

The chin short female, has thick eyebrows' male most to receive favors. The expert indicated that has these characteristic men and women to have the attraction, because they indicate the reproductive health. The estrogen can limit under the female the facial cast and chin's skeleton growth, causes them to be relatively short, simultaneously this kind of hormone is also controlling the feminine eyebrow's growth, makes it to be more prominent. The male receives the testicular hormone the influence, is helpful in forms the good under facial cast, the chin and the thick eyebrows.

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3rd, waist buttocks' proportion

American Texas University psychologist Singer conducts the research after person's waist and the hips proportion discovered that the waist and the hips proportion are 0. 7 (indicated that waist must be much thinner than buttocks) female make masculine one's heart rushes toward one's destination.

The scientist once contestant's build carried on the analysis to some magazine model and American young lady, finally discovered that these females most had 0. 7 following waist buttocks proportion. But to the female, the waist and the hips proportion in 0. 8 to 1. 0 between male are most attractive, simultaneously, masculine broad-shouldered can also arouse woman's sexual desire. The research also indicated that in ideal waist buttocks proportional region person, regardless of its body weight how many, not easily diseases and so on cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes. Moreover belongs to this scope female when being pregnant meets the difficulty will be also less.

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4th, appreciates

The German scientists study the discovery, the people in choose in companion's process to meet the instinct to use the nose, judges opposite party according to the smell whether to suit itself. The scientist explained that this kind of dependence sense of smell distinguished one's beloved's function and human body's immunity organization auxiliary concerns. When the people approach mutually, the body sends out the smell by opposite party sensation, and judges whether to cause in vivo to organize organ's illness. Generally speaking, this kind the discernment which appreciates to opposite party can receive the outside smell the influence, i.e., although uses the perfume suitably, possibly is helpful in promotes opposite party favorable impression, but will play the decisive effect.

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5th, sense of humor

The researchers discovered that once the lover completes love long-distance race, the disposition similarity will let their relations be more reliable. Moreover, the sense of humor is also helpful in maintains the bilateral long-time relations. Canadian Mike Ma Site University's Eric Bresler indicated that is humorously various to men's and women's importance, the female will favor the male which will make itself to laugh frequently, the male likes the female who is provoked laughter by own joke.

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6th, honest

What the human is interested is, the scientist demonstrated to just the falling deeply in love cerebrum scan result, resides in the first place the lover quality is honest unexpectedly. US Cornell University Stephen Aimulun and the colleague to carry on the questionnaire survey to the nearly thousand ages in 18 year old of - 24 year old of different young people, finally discovered that the volunteer cared about the potential companion's honest solidity especially, was only inferior after the dishonesty the key character is the facial expression, the family sense of responsibility, the wealth and the status.

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