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Thunder rainy day 10 matters needing attention

Thunder rainy day 10 matters needing attention

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In all meteorological disaster, the lightning possibly is most the manner does not know. Just when summer day, thunder stroke death peak along with it arrival. Following 10 security tips will be helpful in you and your family member is far away from the thunder and lightning threat.

1. The thunderstorm weather do not as far as possible in the outdoors.

2. Is far away from the isolated big trees, the tower or the telephone pole. The lightning often strokes the big object the area.

3. Is far away from the metallic conductor, the electric wire perhaps the railing.

4. Some escape lightning plan. When the thunderstorm weather approaches, must estimate the good time distance, avoids in the shortest time to the safety zone.

5. Postpones the activity. When carries on the outdoor activity forecasts the thunderstorm weather. Considers to postpone the activity, avoids the dangerous situation which is involved.

6. Monitor weather. Seeks for the sign, like dim sky, twinkle lightning or wind increase.

7. Looks for a safe place. If you hear the thunderclap, even a remote rumble, shifts immediately to the safe place. The wigwam, the picnic residence, the account awning and so on is not the best place. Indoor remembers must remain, after 30 minute later final rumble thunder sounds.

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8. If you can hear thunder, do not use the wire telephone, only if in emergency case, easiest to use non-rope telephone and mobile phone.

9. Is far away from the electrical equipment and the line.

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10. The water pipe also meets the electric conduction. Take a bath either do not shower or uses other pipelines.

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