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Husbands and wives marriage “devil law”

Husbands and wives marriage 'devil law'

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Our side has many husbands and wives, looked a lot, always could summarize some laws. Following many laws, are not necessarily well, but also has several approaching “the devil law”:

Cooks the law: The stir-fried dish definitely is frequently the wife, the stir-fried dish delicious definitely is a husband.

Loyal law: The wife more is loves the husband, the husband to the wife more is loyal; The husband more is loves the wife, the wife more is not loyal to the husband.

Spends the law: The wife spends the money in the appearance (cosmetology, clothing) on, the husband spends the money in (smoke, liquor, sign ......) the addiction.

Does grocery shopping the law: As soon as arrives at the market not to know that buys any vegetable good many are the wife, as soon as what vegetable arrives at the market to see to buy what vegetable many are the husband.

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Mature law: More is being loved deeply by the wife the husband more is mature, more is being spoiled by the husband the wife more is not mature.

Speech law: Between the husbands and wives who more spoke the words to be more, whose words more don't have the component.

Injury law: Between the husbands and wives, who pays many, bids good-bye when obtains the injury is bigger.

Complains the law: Frequently the complaint wife always, frequently the husband who always complained.

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Works the law: In husband's eye, in the family always does not have anything to work; In wife's eye, in the family always cannot do exactly.

Works the law: Works husband who always quits when you're ahead, works wife who always wants to get better and better.

Clothing law: The man only then the good-fitting clothing lacks the popular clothing, the woman only then the popular clothing lacks the good-fitting clothing.

Goes out the law: The one who most worries to go out is the wife, last goes out is also a wife.

Washes the bowl law: The wife washes the bowl easily only, the husband washes the bowl brittle.

Chats the law: More said that more has spiritual many are the wife, more speaks less many are the husband.

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Goes home the law: As soon as the wife goes out wants to go home, as soon as the husband goes out does not like going home; Once the wife is not willing to go home, the husband in a hurry goes home; Once the husband is not willing to go home, the wife sooner or later must leave home.

Quarrels the law: The husbands and wives jump over the reason not to quarrel more are quarrel ominously.

Ridicule law: Was understanding that love husbands and wives there, the ridicule can evolve one kind of humor, in did not understand that love husbands and wives there, the ridicule can evolve a war.

From law: Between husbands' and wives' geography distance is sometimes farther, the emotion distance is nearer.

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Crisis law: When the home economics presents the crisis, husband's idea always hoped that the wife helps herself, but whether wife's idea trades a husband.

Temperament law: Between the husbands and wives, makes money how many decision temperament size, does not make money the human does not have the temperament.

Equal law: The husband and wife both thought that they are the guardian, but the significant matter was actually a person said did not calculate.

Persuasion law: Between once the husbands and wives has the contradiction, acts the human who persuades to be more, the contradiction more is not easy to solve.

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