Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The research discovered that the coconut juice is the natural movement drink

coconut juice

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According to the US “Broadcasting company news net” the report, a new research discovery, the coconut juice is the best natural movement drink.

When the coconut is also immature, seems looks like one to be filled with the water the green water polo, such coconut water does not contain the fat, the potassium content is also higher than the banana. The coconut water in fact is the electrolyte mixture, calls it “the natural movement drink” to be more appropriate. The electrolyte under the potassium help, the beneficial human body takes up water well, and can enter the blood rapidly, therefore prevents the dehydration beneficially.

In the mature coconut includes the coconut milk and the coconut oil. The coconut oil belongs to the beneficial health chain fatty acid, its oil ignites the olive oil is also higher than, therefore uses for to cook food is healthier.

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Although the coconut water includes the sugar, but are much less than the majority fruits. in 310 gram coconut water including the sugar 15 grams, is equal in 72 grams cider the sugar content. Moreover speaking of the milk drink allergy, the coconut milk is a better choice actually.

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