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"junk food" possible to affect the mental ability

junk food

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The long-term edible high fat “junk food” possible to induce many kinds of old disease already manner knowledge, but the Britain researchers discovered in the near future: In the short-term crowded edible high thermal food possibly affects the mental ability.

This research results publish, in the newest issue "US Experimental biology Federation Meets Will" on.


The Oxford University researchers complete an experiment under the British Heart disease Foundation subsidization: With the fat content is 7. 5% “the standard meal” raises 42 mice, under the record the mouse, in “jogs the time which machine” on continues to jog, takes the physical strength weight target, “walks the labyrinth” by the mouse the performance takes the cognitive capacity weight target again. After this, the researchers change 21 mouse's recipes, let them eat food the fat content are 55% high thermal food.

“the standard meal quite low fat, is equal to the edible oats water dried fruit breakfast,” participates in the research biology Dr. Andrew Murray said that “'high quantity of heat food' 55% quantity of heats come from the fat, listens to resemble quite high, presses the human body standard weight not to calculate specially high, is only is actually approximate in the junk food quantity of heat.”

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After changing the diet the fifth day, the edible high thermal food's mouse in “jogs machine” on the movement time average compared to edible “the standard meal” companion few 30%. The ninth day, this value rises is 50%. Compares with other mice, edible 9 days “ill health meals” the mouse walks when the labyrinth displays inferior. “correct decision-making” the number from formerly was more than 6 drops to the average 5 or 5. 5, the appearance cognitive capacity comes under the influence. “the Western diet heat content is frequently high, looked long-term possible to induce diseases and so on obesity, diabetes and heart failure, but this diet way creates the short-term consequence little receives the attention. We hoped that this research may urge the people healthy and considers happily for at present, considered earnestly reduces daily food the fat content,” Britain “Daily Post” quotes Murray's words report.

Research project person in charge Clark said: “the findings are amazing. It demonstrated that eats food high fat food, even if is the short-term, may also obviously affect the gene expression, metabolism and the bodily performance.”

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Exploration reason

The researchers discovered that eats food the high thermal food mouse's muscle and in the heart cell the solution coupling protein content increases. Solves the coupling protein is one kind of special protein, will hinder the cell production movement to need the energy, will thus reduce the heart and muscle's efficiency. This may the part explain the mouse in jogs machine on displays the variation the reason.

Moreover, high fat diet mouse 9 days later the heart fill-out, means that the heart can not but increase the volume way to infuse more blood to the body, transports more oxygen to the muscle.

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The researchers said that this research may for the athlete who and the metabolic disorder patient seeks the best diet plan provides the important reference. The researchers already began to inquire about in the short-term the crowded high thermal diet to the human body the influence.

British Heart disease Foundation medicine manager Jielimi Pearson said: “only uses more than one weeks, the diet change will let mouse's heart function obvious feeble. We anticipated that saw the similar experiment on the volunteer body's result, that might tell us high fat food to the human body heart's influence.”

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