Friday, August 14, 2009

The man only then this 16 kinds in World

The man only then this 16 kinds in World

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British Kiel University's gender research expert Dr. White this week "Thousand Male" pointed out in its new book that all over the world male may induce is 16 kinds.

Beautiful youth: Loves own body and spirit, has body ancient bronzes skin

Trying to outdo others: Everything struggles first, loves human who competes

Hunter: The sex appeal is but dangerous, everywhere is forgiving

Has man: The value fashionable clothing tidal current, cares about own appearance

Enterprise employee: The big company's loyal staff, everything but strives for stably

“science and technology” man: Technical fan, secluded from the world

Comedian clown: Likes attracting attention and making others to be happy, but often think lonelily

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Enlightened person: The support women's rights, politics is correct, the knowledge is vast

Angry man: Testiness, does not know others' feeling

“Modoc”: Napoleon is likely ambitious, works unfeeling

Primitive man: Opposes the women's rights, the amphoteric idea is obsolete

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Venturer: Optimistic, the bank account overdraws frequently, likes trying one's luck

Sentiment Saint: The depth understands pursues feminine strategic move, but does not love them at heart

Old naughty child: The long not big old man, the hobby curries favor with the world the amusement

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Serviceman: The semblance is firm, the innermost feelings are frail, easy out of control

“toy bear”: Sensitive easy to receive injures, is willing to listen to you to pour out, but is not sexy.

Doctor according to the philosophy and the sociological theory, in its new book "Thousand Male", has enumerated many kinds of masculine types, explained that their why this moment also does display bravely resolute loyal, but the next quarter actually hesitates and is anxious; Why in front of the friend is the male chauvinist, actually looks like a cat in front of the mother; Why do they love the children very much at heart, but actually ever does not say the mouth.

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White hoped that through this book, lets the female understand the man, perhaps in pursues time the object even more has confidence. In the book pointed out that gentleman's disposition may also change along with the age change.

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