Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The child sends the short note influence intelligence

The child sends the short note influence intelligence


Do you know? The mobile phone except is disadvantageous to the health, will also affect the child intelligence. Recently, an Australian Monashen University's research discovery, frequently used the mobile phone to send the short note, possibly will affect young people's thinking mode, will make their disposition becomes the impulsion, and will lose ability which gradually will think.

This university epidemic disease scientist Professor Abramson used mobile phone's custom for 11-14 year-old young people as well as participate in the computer test the result to carry on the comparison. The result discovered that uses the mobile phone to be able frequently to change cerebrum's thinking pattern. Professor Abramson said: “when transmits the short note, so long as clicks on several keys, can see the wish the character word appears completely, this kind of convenience can cause them at makes other matter's time, has the speed but to lack the accuracy.”

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The researchers warned that child's cerebrum was still at the developmental stage, but mobile phone's use was changing their study way, urged them to be negligent in the ponder, the behavior way becomes impulses. But in fact, the young people use mobile phone's phenomenon to be common now, a British child produce market investigation company in 2005 carries on the investigation discovered that below every 4th 8 years old in the child has one to have the mobile phone. Britain has mobile phone's child to have 4,500,000 people, in 9-10 year-old child has 58% people to have the mobile phone, in 11-12 years old has in 89%,13-14 years old, the approximately 93% people have the mobile phone, 15-16 years old have mobile phone's person to reach as high as 95%.

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