Monday, February 23, 2009

In the bathroom frequently to see the health of Misunderstanding

American Cancer famous scientist Dr. Gao Si Mann pointed out: "much of modern family hygiene supplies should be cause for alarm, because they contain cancer-causing chemicals!"

By Dr. Gao Si Cayman listed first are the people can not be separated from the toilet paper every day. He said that many of toilet paper for recycled paper in order to beautify the appearance, the majority of toilet paper added dyes, including fluorescent whitening agent or talcum powder. Color more white toilet paper, you may add more fluorescent whitening agent or talcum powder. These additives contain many compounds benzene; some poor quality toilet paper, but also contain formaldehyde, E. coli, hepatitis viruses. These substances with long-term skin contact may lead to leukemia and cancer. Therefore, in the purchase of toilet paper, we have to choose the quality of reliable, without bleaching the toilet paper, paper and then rinse with warm water better.

Many families now enjoy in the room put a box of incense to make the environment clean and pleasant. However, these fragrance chemicals are also compounds, may also be induced carcinogenesis. Dr. Gao Si Cayman recommended not to put the best room deodorant, want to keep the air fresh, one can always use the exhaust fan or window.

Most families have to use disinfectant, such as cleaning supplies, and often placed in the living room corner or room. After evaporation of their often substantial accumulation of harmful gases. Hot water shower in the bathroom, its toxicity on the stronger. Some disinfectant also containing p-dichlorobenzene, will stimulate the respiratory tract, so that cells induced variation, leukemia, lung cancer. Not so these hygiene supplies stacked in a corner or room where, on a better air ventilation Units more appropriate, sealed for good.

Home bthroom, will put a plastic wastepaper basket. Experts Say: Put toilet wastepaper basket will greatly increase the speed of bacterial growth, so that room into a virus breeding ground and source of infection. They think the general paper items, thrown into the toilets to flush with water; those difficult to flush sanitary supplies can convenient-owned bags, be removed from the toilet into the dustbin, so to make room not only to reduce pollution and clean again without any toilet placed in the wastebasket. Also go to the toilet of time as short as possible, enjoy reading this book, should give up with these problems.

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J Cosmo Newbery said...

The sad fact is that every chemical, and everything is a chemical, every chemical has the potential to overload the system and trigger cancers or more speedy deaths. There was a lady in the US a year ago who died after drinking too much water (it was a Wii promotion on radio).

We are doomed! We are all going to die!

skywind said...

Hehe .. you are too pessimistic

Elena said...

Thanks a million for informative article on cancer-causing chemicals. Keep sharing such type of info on blogger.

Thanks !!
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