Saturday, February 21, 2009

It has 10 kinds of healthy habits are wrong!

The world's easily mistaken for common sense, than you have to know many. We have a lot of health habits is wrong.

Error 1: nosebleeds when to raise the chin

The only advantage in this way is not going to nose into the floor, but it will not only nosebleed, it will flow into the nose throat and may even lead to vomiting and suffocation. Correct approach is that in the nosebleeds in the nose of the Frontier Mission 1 small cotton balls, soft reduction, nose, and head to the forward, or in an ice Wai neck towel or wet towels can also stop bleeding.

Error II: scrape armpit hair, sweat can be reduced

Scratch armpit hair for stop sweat produced no effect at all. On the contrary, after scratching armpit hair, armpit because water can not hide from and perspiration left on clothes. Moreover, the scratch armpit hair also easily lead to hair root abscess. Correct approach is: Decomposition in sweat before the cleansing of the axillary sweat can.

Three wrong: sweat are smelly

Sweat is not Taste of. But a lot of sweat contains organic substances, these substances are bacteria in terms of nutrients, but will produce unpleasant droppings when the bacterial decomposition of sweat.

Error Four: brush your teeth immediately after dinner

Brush your teeth immediately after eating something, they will take in food acid erosion of enamel, this will only strengthen the acidity of food on the role of dental damage. The correct approach is, first mouthwash, after half an hour to brushing.

Error Friday: the effect of drugs on the men and women the same

The latest research shows that the effect of drugs on men and women absolutely not the same. For example, aspirin can help the prevention of myocardial infarction for men, but has little effect on women. Anesthetics such as fat soluble drugs, the dose for women than for men.

Error VI: 100 hair per day is good for health

Excessive use of hair comb the scalp will stimulate the sebaceous glands. Especially oily hair of the person, it should be less hair. If it is dry hair long hair, they are more suitable for many hair. But the best are made with natural mane comb, this is more difficult to scalp injury.

Seven errors: walking than standing consuming physical

Because, when standing up, legs have to bear the weight of the body, two legs can not relax. The walk is one of his legs to bear weight, the other one will in the relaxation.

Eight error: Blood sweet person easy to mosquitoes

Mosquito fundamental Taste heard less than blood. However, mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to hot, even the 0.05 degrees of difference can be identified. Therefore, when we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor, it will recruit a mosquito.

Error 9: toilet hygiene are not the place

Regular cleaning of toilet water than the stereotype of the many clean. Family of bacteria research specialists have discovered that the home of the majority of bacteria are hiding in the refrigerator drain wall, the cloth on the quantity of bacteria than toilet many.

Ten error: smart person big head

Brain size is not decided whether or not the key to smart, only the most important brain structures. Human brain function is determined by the neural network, and low IQ people are in this regard because some of the features already dead, and has nothing to do with brain size.

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