Sunday, February 15, 2009

Postural effects of memory! Nine secrets of human physiology

1, Why have four color
Was milky white skin may, in epidermal skin blood vessels to add a red, yellow pigment added some background. Finally, the skin will lead to melanoma due to ultraviolet radiation and a black together. These four different colors to mix and match to generate the proportion of different color.
2, Laughter can strengthen the communication link
Yawn and laugh all "contagion." Hear the laughter can stimulate brain activity and facial region. In social interactions, imitation plays an important role. Laughing, crying and yawning are in groups the way enhance the communication link.
3, Posture affect memory
Experts point out that with the past when the body is in a similar position at the time, people, it is easy to remember the scenes at that time. In addition, the smell or sound may awaken distant memory.
4, Cold weather will make people constantly runny nose
Cilia physical body the functioning of many organs help. In the nose, the cilia can help the mucus from the nasal cavity into the throat. Cold weather will slow the process liquid, resulting in mucus obstruction, is constantly runny nose.
5. Hidden corrosion stomach acid
Any airport screening facilities are unable to your body --- a dangerous liquid acid. Industry, the hydrochloric acid used for immersion of metal. And we have mucus inside the stomach wall can be such venom safely stored in the digestive system, the decomposition of food to help people.
6, Was a waste of tens of thousands of egg cells
Young women an average of 34,000 immature follicles, but their lives, only about 350 will mature, and the remaining tens of thousands of follicles were wasted.
7, Adolescent angry easily
When the person is in puberty, prone to mood swings, attitude of indifference, poor decision-making power and so on. This is because a variety of hormones affect the brain development of nerve cells, and brain changes in the structure will result in a variety of acts from happening.
8, Cerebral hypoxia resulted in a stroke
The brain accounts for 2% of body weight, but consumes 20% of the oxygen and energy, three major cerebral artery to the brain oxygen supply must be sustained. If one of blocked or broken, the brain cells due to lack of oxygen will not work properly, resulting in a stroke.
9, Hone calcium for the body
Bones not only support the body's various organs and muscles, but also adjust the content of calcium in vivo. Bones contain phosphorus and calcium, and calcium muscle and nervous system are necessary. If insufficient calcium content in vivo, specific hormones will make the bone decomposition, thereby enhancing the body's calcium content.

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