Thursday, February 19, 2009

To study the window-seat aircraft that has lead to the risk of thrombosis

According to British "Daily Mail" website reported January 27, published in the British "blood disease," the journal of a study that when the plane sitting in window seat will increase the deep venous thrombosis risk, the twice the risk of ordinary people are.

Leiden University Medical Center researchers who travel by air on 80 patients with deep venous thrombosis and 108 healthy passengers a comparative study. The researchers said the passenger window than the risk of suffering from thrombosis aisle passengers sit higher than the 2 / 3, body fat, if passengers sit by the window to be more dangerous, they suffer from the risk of thrombosis will be sitting in the passenger side aisle five times . And sitting between the seats is not some kind of risks.

For this phenomenon, one view window seat because people are more vulnerable to sleep, to sleep in the plane of the danger is that if the blood clots along the blood vessels into the lungs, will lead to pulmonary embolism. Researchers consider to wear elastic stockings thrombosis is a major incentive. They believe that when the plane can be prevented thrombosis drink alcohol, drink plenty of water is of no avail. Use of space is more spacious economy class can also reduce the risk of thrombosis 30%.

But the British Heart Foundation Professor Jeremy Prson think the study is just a small scope of the experiment, and what results is also not surprising that these should be common sense.

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