Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home health, the details of the four can not be ignored

Forever Fashion and aesthetics are designed to pursue the subject at home, but health is more important. For their own homes to carry out the process of dress, health must not overlook the details, please refer to the following details:

1, Bathroom ventilation the most important

Bathroom where the accumulation of moisture easily, so ventilation is very important. Ming has a window to choose the best Guardian. If the dark room are, for hygiene not moldy, not long-haired, there is no influx of insects crawling everywhere, apart from a power installed, and the performance of good exhaust fan, you should pay attention to avoid the "package", especially in places near the ground . Many people enjoy the pipe very close pack, or simply to be following in the washbasin lockers, the results of moisture was not wrapped in loose inside out, not hygiene.

In addition, the wet room is easy for fungus to breed, breeding, induced respiratory disease. So, wet to dry and then Add Dunbur room; to maintain the smooth flow of sewage; ground open exhaust fan.

2, green plants indispensable

Room ventilation in addition to the regular windows, but also need to raise some green plants, such as aloe vera, green radish, tiger piran and so on, these plants can be good to absorb toxic gases interior, clean air. Moreover, green radish, cactus can absorb, such as induction cooker, computer and other electrical appliances radiation, therefore, raise a number of similar plants are many advantages. However, attention should be paid to the house should not raise too many flowers. Too many flowers will damage the environment and the overall sense, not only difficult to play a role in regulating mood, but also easily lead to visual fatigue.

3, a good selection of curtains to sleep

Every morning was always reluctant to wake up the sun, the flowing curtains that can bring beauty to sleep since then is no longer easy. How do? Not as good as another bedroom curtains give it. Flocking curtain fabric relatively thick, sound-absorbing, sunscreen effect; selection of red, black curtains help with sleep as soon as possible.

4, or buy furniture Samples

Samples of furniture placed in the air for a long time, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances released more thorough; Samples real wood is the use of many materials, some manufacturers will be in addition to formaldehyde treatment.

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