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Natural food supplement are: not necessarily safe!

In our understanding of healthy living, there are some concepts from various sources appears to be the experts wrong.

Misunderstanding 1: If I insist on eating low-fat food, I will be able to lose weight

Fact: Most Americans eat low-fat food, but many of them still more and more fat. This illustrates the above point of view is wrong. The United States through a nationwide survey found that in the past 14 years, in spite of the adoption of various means to reduce fat in food by 7%, but the number of overweight has increased by 9%. Even if you have low-fat foods to replace high-fat foods, your weight is still likely to increase.

Because even though you are eating low-fat food, but you might well intake more calories, that is, to reduce the fat content of foods, but you eat more than before.

For example, a half glass of vanilla ice cream and half low-fat vanilla ice cream only difference between the 40 calories. But you most likely will be in the "low fat" under the confusing themselves hesitate to eat a full cup, so that your total calorie intake than a half glass of ordinary vanilla ice cream more. In any case, to reduce the fat in food is correct, but if you are thin, then apart from the attention of outside fat, you should also calculate the total calories. Women's total daily calories needed for the range of between 1600-2000. Use your weight (several pounds) multiplied by 12 is required for your daily value of calories approximately.

Misunderstanding 2: I was trying to recover from a cold coming, I am at this time will no longer be infected.

Facts: the lifting of the errors, you need to first understand a common sense, that is caused by "cold" virus actually has hundreds of species. Different virus attacks the body's immune system will produce different results. Have because of our own antibodies, so the vast majority of them will not have an impact on the human body. But those who lack the corresponding antibodies against influenza virus will cause symptoms. If you have a cold during the in vivo produced a certain kind of virus antibodies, you will not be re-transmitted by the same type of influenza virus.

However, if your family or friends are suffering from a cold because of the combined effects of a variety of viruses, of which also contains your body does not exist a corresponding virus antibodies, then you most likely in the resumption of the process of being infected again . Although the surface may be exactly the same symptoms, but caused by the influenza virus, you have a different Ibid, so the same drug in your body effects of the differences will appear. Avoid such repeated transmission are thoroughly wash their hands frequently.Although many people believe that colds are transmitted through the air, but the reality is that patients with a cold red than you sneeze, and make it easier for him to shake hands with you have been infected with influenza. At the same time you are going to pay attention to drinking plenty of water, plenty of rest, this is to avoid re-infected with influenza a good way.

Three errors: I have to go to achieve the exercise effect Stadium.

Fact: you can never go in the gym, or even do not wear sportswear circumstances, from the day-to-day sporting events in the proper exercise. American Association of Sports experts believe that 30 minutes a day of mild physical activity enough to make you feel energetic, good physique and to resist the erosion of various chronic diseases.

You do not have enough once a day for 30 minutes of exercise, you can be a variety of activities in various time periods interspersed carried out, for example, a 10-minute bike ride, 10 minutes of jogging, stair climbing Express 8-minute plus to do to follow television programs Calisthenics, such as two minutes. Your minimum goal is to consume 150 calories a day, of course, the better. And 150 calories while they are playing, cycling, walking to work and to do one or more hours in household chores can easily be consumed.

Misunderstanding Four: "natural" foods are more beneficial to health.

Facts: This is a great mistake. For example, arsenic is a natural material, but it has highly toxic. Despite the stores or pharmacies buy those unprocessed natural foods or drugs may be safe, but you did not receive assurances in this regard.Supplies a lot of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements have been marked tonic Although a "natural food", but their content of various substances is not necessarily in line with the norms, and therefore can not guarantee that it is safe or effective. Although some preliminary studies have shown that vitamin E on cardiovascular disease prevention and control is good, but such research is still in its infancy. No one can say vitamin E treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the exact dose.
To make matters worse, various "natural" nutritional supplement in drug stores or supermarkets now the food counters are available, it is necessary to know that these supplements as food and as a drug that is two completely different concepts. Under the banner of "natural" banner manufacturers and businesses are never in the product description marked on the side effects of these supplements. Experts advise those who want to try "natural nutritional supplements" customers buy or use, please doctor.

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