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Six healthy eating habits to allow you full of vim and vigor

Every day around two million Americans have complained about their lack of energy. Majority of the people will have like this feeling, in the face of mission work, their skills, especially when the tasks are arduous, and more are unable to, another case. Faced with this situation do not know how to do. In fact, lack of energy is to a large extent, their own habits: What to eat every day, every day the situation of how to sleep, how do we go deal with the difficulties of life and so on. Here we have from the eating habits of everyone to the 6-point proposal raised the hope of everyone's health body, some of the benefits of full energy.

In real life often will encounter a similar situation this way: at noon to eat pasta in Italy or Chinese food after an hour will feel drowsy, sleepy hazy; water shortage will be felt easily forgetful and drowsy the situation and so on. In fact, these are the relationship between eating habits. Eating habits in our daily life plays a very important role. Here to talk about from the following six aspects:

⒈ Eat breakfast on time - even if there is no hunger

On time and eat breakfast - even if there is no hunger, but also on time to eat.On time you eat breakfast full day of energy, full of confidence. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast on time with those who do not eat breakfast than in the physical and mental aspects of performance must be advantages Department. British studies have shown that, even if the morning rush just to eat some breakfast, the body's emergency hormone secretion will be reduced accordingly.

⒉ Every 3-4 hours to eat once

Studies have shown that daily consumption of small food 3 times, 2 times meals will be a full day of glucose tolerance and energy are maintained at a relatively stable level. Special attention to small meals many times. "Feast" will need more energy to digest, this process you will feel lack of energy, drowsy. In small meals, the attention with carbohydrates - the body to provide energy, protein - the necessary time for the body to provide energy, and some healthy fat - from fish, nuts and olive oil to obtain. These fat and protein make you feel comfortable and will not feel trapped in a meal full meaning.

⒊ Intake more cellulose

Slow to digest cellulose, so they can give blood sustained and stable energy supply, the body continued to a dynamic one. Eat small meals often, with reasonable attention to a certain degree of cellulose, a reasonable amount per day are 25-30 grams of cellulose. Some other suggestions: 1 packet of raisin wheat tablets (each package contains around 5 grams of fiber), corn flour tortillas - which contains black beans and cheese (half a packet of each black beans have 7.5 grams of cellulose, a corn Flour tortillas contain 5 grams of cellulose), popcorn (per three bags containing 3.6 grams of cellulose), the apple skin (3.3 grams of cellulose), nutrition spaghetti (6.3 grams per cup of cellulose).

⒋ eat food rich in amino acids

Eat more foods rich in amino acids, especially fatty amino acids, you can fish (eg tuna), walnuts and so on. Fatty acids for healthy brain cells has a very important role, but can also help people keep cool heads. Specific amino acids can help the body store carbohydrates - in the form of glucose stored. Glucose is the body required the main form of carbohydrates, for emergency use.
⒌ Timely supplementary water

Water is a very important body of material, it is human blood and other major components of the liquid. Water shortage in the human body will produce feelings of discomfort. If the body of water shortage, they would need to consume more heart myocardial energy in order to transport the blood to cells throughout the human body to take over easily lead to fatigue. Enough water in order to protect the freedom of the energy flow throughout the body. Detected about the human body of water, you can observe the situation to determine the urine. Under normal circumstances, should be separated by 2-4 hours per urine, and urine should be pale yellow color.About the proposal to add water: drink plenty of water. And drink plenty of water also has emphasized, do not wait until thirsty to drink water when it should from time to time pay a small population. If this is the time when the weather is hot, but also pay attention to timely supplement physiological water, add salt and so on. At the same time, through the consumption of some water-rich foods (like broccoli, carrots and yogurt and so on) and the juicy fruit (like watermelon, oranges and grapefruit, etc.).

⒍ Cautious in the afternoon drinking coffee

In general, suitable for drinking the right amount of caffeine - 200 to 300mg, equivalent to drinking around 2-3 cups of coffee, let the rich people more energy, but also in the subsequent reaction time, more agile. Corresponding research has proved that this conclusion.

However, if excessive consumption of caffeine, then - whether in the afternoon or evening time, sleep quality will have a great impact on the next day during the day may have the spirit is dispirited, hazy drowsiness. More serious problem is that if the long-term consumption of too much caffeine, then, it is addictive, physically and psychologically, there will be bad effects: for example, poor sleep, physical reaction is slowed down and so on. Leave the caffeine will have a typical response.

Hunger breeds, the impact of diet on the human body are very important. Drug supplements not as food supplements, the importance of food self-evident! In real life, in the diet to note is that of their great care for. Health are a blessing, love ourselves, can we love others.

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