Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To explain the strange phenomenon of the human body in six

Life, our bodies will always be some strange reaction, such as goose bumps, such as eyelids kept beating. A few days ago, American medical scientist in the ABC Web site published an article on the human body six kinds of strange phenomena have been explained.

1, why would goose bumps. When the body is cold or fear, the body will have a layer of goose bumps, this is because the root hairs in each of the following are a small muscle, called muscle erect hair. When they shrink, they will highlight the skin surface of a small bulge at the same time, the above will also be erected hairs.

Some warm dress, let himself in a quiet environment and avoid the shock, can reduce the production of goose bumps.

2, cut onion tears. Cut the onion releases an enzyme, resulting in irritation of the gas, at this time, the brain will send a signal to the lacrimal gland, it to create more tears to flush out these gases in order to avoid burns to the eyes. "This is the body's response to a self-protection," the United States University of Wisconsin-Madison horticulture professor pointed out that Dr. Gao Man.

To alleviate the discomfort, after cutting onions can be frozen before, because at low temperature can slow down the release of the enzyme. In addition, the onion at the bottom of the enzyme containing the most, you can then cut this part.

3, the activities of the joints when the noise. Events joints, such as hand finger joints, and sometimes will hear "pa" bang, this is because in the joint cavity, there are some starting fluid lubrication in which the gas has dissolved. When the activities of the joints when these gases from the liquid squeezed out, so sound.

Although regular hand finger joints will not cause arthritis, but the decline in grip strength, should give up this habit.

4, shed tears after laughing. Experts have not yet found the exact reason, the only possible explanation is that tears and laughter are similar psychological reactions, both of which occurred in the strong emotional comes, will continue for some time, we can not that "open" means "only" . It is usually linked to tears and sorrow, in fact, tears are a very complex human response, pain, sadness, even tears will be extremely happy.

Studies have proved that laughter and tears can ease the pressure, so that when又哭up after laughing, which is pieces of lucky things.

5, eyelid bounce. And nerve conduction abnormalities, causing eyelid muscles happen minor tic. The study found that systemic fatigue, tension, eye fatigue, malnutrition, caffeine, excessive alcohol consumption will increase the occurrence of eyelid jump.

Fortunately, the eyelid is usually not a big jump problem, you can ease their own.

6, increases with age, the ear is also growing. From the United Kingdom Royal College of Physicians research has shown, from one born outside the human body on the auricle in a state of rapid growth continued until around the age of 10, after which annual growth rate of 0.22 millimeters. Other studies also showed that earlobe itself is also growing, the male than female earlobe. Bone and cartilage by the composition of the inner ear is long.

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SSQuo said...

I never knew that the ears never stops growing! Hmm, how big will mine be when I am 80! Gosh. They say big ears is a sign of intelligence, so logically, as I grow older I should become more and more intelligent, now thats something to look forward to. :)

skywind said...

SSQuo sez-Hehe, I think you will become smarter. : D

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