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Medical intestinal obstruction caused by fibrin glue Report

Medical fibrin glue (FG) are extracted from the mammalian blood-related components made of a surgical supporting material has been widely used in general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery. Abdominal surgery in the use of FG, which has several cases of postoperative ileus, the incidence of more than 5%, by non-surgical treatment fails reoperation, intraoperative confirmed the causes of intestinal obstruction with the use of FG, and by surgery to remove FG, cured after the lifting of obstruction. Clinical application and should therefore improve the safety of FG.
FG are extracted from the blood of mammals related components, including fibrinogen, blood coagulation serine protease, VIII factor, calcium ions. The human body to simulate the body's physiological clotting mechanism, the formation of milky white fibrinogen gel, play biological hemostasis, closure of defects, to prevent adhesions, promote healing, leak plugging fistula, organizational bonding, auxiliary plastic and so on.
Several cases of reoperation FG were found in the application of the partial formation of large block of hard cheese-like mass of material, at the same time are adhesions, the center of the parcel, the pathological report of the Organization Department of submission is divided into plastic-like structure, partly fibrous connective tissue, can therefore consider, FG Example of these are caused by obstruction of the main reasons for the FG analysis mechanism may be a variant protein, the human body will also increase the inflammatory response, peritoneal rejection of foreign produce, package, causing severe adhesions; In addition, FG spraying in the wound after the fibrin glue-like substance, may be directly caused by the neighboring organs, tissues mutual adhesion.
Therefore, in the course of the use of FG to take the following preventive measures:
Abdominal cavity organ surgery need to consider carefully the use of FG, if necessary to stop bleeding, closure of defects, leak-proof blocking fistula, just a small amount of FG can be applied in the wound, so as to reduce the chance of adhesion. FG use 20 minutes after local exposure to fully solidified, with other organizations to reduce the possibility of adhesions.
After the use of FG from greater omentum wrapped anastomosis to reduce adhesions with other organizations. FG improper use can cause intestinal obstruction, clinicians should pay attention to the abdominal surgery after the use of FG in patients with adhesive intestinal obstruction should be considered with the goods. (

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