Monday, September 7, 2009

Before woman sexual affection, most repugnant 5 matters

Before woman sexual affection, most repugnant 5 matters

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1. Everywhere is the battlefield

The woman most longed for that is each disposable junction is perfect. But these repugnant men never like this will think that they will want are only must give vent, which will not want to do can be the comfortable place. Whenever as soon as therefore they will have impulsion's time then reckless going to and you do, pays no attention to the environment which one will place to suit or not, wants to go all out one meal.

Therefore he will call you to the clock hotel, will raise your skirt in the bar restroom, will also make do in the narrow vehicle front seat. Meets such man, is a woman's big difficult problem absolutely.

2. The fire of desire namely commits suicide by fire

Did not know is really that aggravates, what he is really the sex famine victim, is meeting less than five minutes with you, he then requests with you to come, even begins to help you immediately the take off your coat. This kind of sex maniac appeal cannot say, they will not understand that the woman will want the time to ferment the emotion, they such response will only give the human one kind according to the clock, to open the door, to eliminate the feeling which the unlined upper garment, will make love, pitifulness how.

3. Pays no attention to your life

Each people have the mood, but these repugnant men will not pay attention to your sentiment. Possibly your good friend just died, feels emotion human who has righteousness dies by heartbreak, but he actually not once paid attention to your mood, was still unceasing demands to you, treats as you are a not in the least sentimental natural machine. Pays no attention to others feeling the man is really repugnant.

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4. The dirt bad beggar hates

Woman before the sexual affection always likes own dressing up dresses up, good lets the man have the good visual feeling, therefore was in anticipation clean the natural must have, otherwise transmits the intermittent unusual smell then greatly to spoil enjoyment. But these men just were actually opposite, he will not conceive for you, they dirty will always hug you, will not give a thought to your feeling completely, will cause your interest to fall the bottom immediately.

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5. Writes the bounced check randomly

The man in goes to bed before you says all kinds of interesting to listen to words surely, but do not consider really, otherwise you then must do IQTest. But why do they want to say the empty talk which these will not realize? Everybody knew that is false, but bounden saying, was really still ill-flavored.

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