Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why some men's sexual desire

Why is some male sexual desire specially exuberant, some male sexual desire is not so? The British scientists have found have caused the sexual desire difference the key----Decides the person sexual desire the gene. This discovery will urge the new generation to promote the sexual desire new medicine invention.

British Country Healthy Research institute cell gene scientist Dr. Mole conducts the research after 250 male discovered that more than half male has the quite many sexual desire genes. These male make love every week at least above a time, some person even one day several times; The other half male completely is different, one month only needed 23 time sexual affection to be well satisfied. Dr. Mole discovered that this kind of sexual desire gene is controlling the cerebrum one chemical substance----Blood serum element content, but the blood serum element besides affects person's constraining with the anxious mood, but also has the enormous influence to person's sexual desire. In fact, human's constraining also has the very big relations with the anxious mood with the sexual desire. Dr. Mole believed that the gene decided sexual desire this discovery has also unfolded for the abstinent drugs' development the path, these want to enhance the sexual desire or to think that the abstinent people from this will profit.

The gene decided that the sexual desire theory had some scientist's support, but also some people regarding this are sceptical. Britain Cambridge University family Research center Director Dr. Martin Richard said that the sexual desire is the numerous factor products, not only but is the gene decision. Any seeks for the feminine sexual desire gene to make the law is the futile effort, Mole's discovery can only show why masculine most times strives to excel a lot compared to feminine sexual desire.

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